How to Keep It Professional in the Beauty Industry

Hair Stylist
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As beauty ambassadors, it's our job to keep things looking and feeling professional and sometimes the little things go a long way. Below you'll find some basics to keep in mind when working with your clientele.

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Dress for Success

Hair Stylist
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We know the saying can be cheesy, but seriously, dress for success. Would you want to get your hair or makeup done by someone who looks like they can't do their own?  

We know it can get tiring to dress up a little every day, but our clients are looking to us for beauty inspiration. Think of yourself like your own brand. Don't you want your product to be consistent and look great? Of course! And your loyal clients do too.

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Clean House, Clear Mind

Your station should be a clean and serene place for you and your clientele. Really make sure to keep up on cleaning your brushes and having an organized workspace. Trust me, it will look and feel so much better and you won't have to be embarrassed when you open up a drawer that looks like a bomb went off inside of it.​

It's also a great idea to add little touches to your workspace. My clients always comment when I have fresh flowers at my station.

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Watch What You Say

A beauty service can be a very intimate experience, so it's no wonder that clients sometimes open up and share everything. Remember that this doesn't always have to be a two-way street. There are certain subjects that are better left avoided. A good short list of what to skip:

  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Politics

These subjects can get some people pretty worked up and they are best avoided if you can help it.

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Put Your Phone Away!

Until your phone can cut hair for you, I suggest you put it away when working with clients. I see beauty professionals all the time who are pulling out their phone mid-service. It's one thing to share a picture of your child or dog, but it's exceptionally rude to take a phone call. And no texting!​

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Listen Closely

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing stories about stylists who do the exact opposite of what their client asks for.

Listening to your clients will make them loyal ones who return. If they ask you to cut off an inch, don't cut three. If you feel like your client needs more than what they are asking for, make sure to explain this and that they understand and agree. Don't just make the decision for them. 

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Keep the Back Room in the Back Room

The back room of a salon is a notoriously rowdy place. It can be hard to keep the hooting and hollering down, but try to keep it from spilling out onto the salon floor.

I've also seen arguments between coworkers continue onto the salon floor. This is VERY unprofessional and should always be avoided. The last thing a client wants to see is cattiness, it puts them in a very uncomfortable position.

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It's Always Ok to Say No

Sometimes being professional doesn't always mean giving the client what they want. Every so often it can be the client that crosses the line and makes things unprofessional.

As I said before, a beauty or grooming service can be an intimate situation and if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable or says inappropriate things, then you have every right to speak up or tell the client that you are unable to work with them.