Skateboarding FAQ: How Do to Keep From Turning When Ollying?

Skateboarder performing an ollie

annebaek / Getty Images

Here is a common problem when learning to ollie—you get a good enough pop, but you spin sideways while in the air. Why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

Tips for Better Ollying

Spinning unintentionally while in the air like this happens because of something you are doing when you pop the board. You do it without knowing it.

Usually, the best way to fix this is to lean forward when you ollie—toward the nose of your board. Make sure that you keep your momentum going in the direction you are skating, and that should cut down spinning.

If that doesn't fix the problem, check and make sure that your shoulders are square as possible, and that they are over your board instead of hunched way over. You can also shift your foot placement on the tail around a little, and when you pop, make sure you pop straight down and aren't pushing or pulling the board at all.

And that's about it—if these things don't help, then try tweaking other things a little bit. As a buddy to watch you ollie, and tell you what they see. If problems like this persist, then take a break from ollie practice and do something else. Mostly, relax, and enjoy riding! With practice, you'll get it.