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The Secret I Wish I Knew Years Ago

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I hate the way eyeshadow wears out by the end of the day, all of it sliding into the crease of the eye leaving you looking like you've taken to lining the middle of your lid with goop. Luckily, there are a few tricks I've picked up over the years to help you keep that from happening ever again.

Think Oil-Free

The reason eyeshadow slides into the crease of your eyes is because of oils, either naturally made by your skin, or from the makeup or skin products you put on your skin.

Keep moisturizers and skin oils away from your lids if you plan to wear shadow. 

Don't Prime Eyes With Concealer or Foundation

A big mistake women make is to "prime" their lids with creamy concealer or their foundation. These tend to be too oily for the lids and only assist in the gradual sliiiiiiiiide of makeup into your crease.

The Amazing Wonderful Eyeshadow Primer

Primers are one of those ingenious beauty products that people swear by. I like to think of them in the same way you would paint: you always prime a wall before you paint it, so why not prime your face or your lids first too?

Primers are your best bet for keeping shadow in place for hours. Look for an oil-free primer made just for the eyes when shopping for one.

My absolute favorite eyeshadow primer is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. It goes on clear and consistently keeps shadow in place for hours. I've worn it for years and loved the way it lasted even through workouts and long days in humid cultures like my hometown of Brenham, Texas, in August.

Other fabulous primers include:

    M.A.C.'s Paints

    Long before I learned about eyeshadow primer, I used MAC Paint Pots in the way one now uses primer. I still use it on occasion because it works just as well as primer. In fact, it's the perfect primer.

    The pearlized texture stays put all day and into the night and I'm convinced it wouldn't leave your lid for weeks if you didn't take makeup remover to it. You spread it on your lid then top it with your eyeshadow and Voila!, you're good to go for days.

    How to Keep Eyeliner in Place

    Just like eyeshadow, I used to have the worst luck with eyeliner. I like soft Kohl pencils because the line is softer than liquid liner, but within seconds of applying eyeliner, it's already rubbed off on my eyelid. I blame it on the fact that my eyelids are a) wrinkly and b) oily. I've tried prepping my lids with MAC's paints (see above), and it works on my eyeshadow but does nothing to keep the liner in place. I've even tried Bobbi Brown's trick to applying shadow over the liner and that works, somewhat. But I'm still left at the end of the day with what looks like two black eyes.

    Then I found the perfect trick and it works. First, I apply the Kohl eyeliner, then I take an angled eyeliner brush, wet it and dip it into a dark brown eyeshadow.

    I apply that over the penciled line and it stays all day!

    A Primer on Primers

    You can learn a lot more about makeup primers in this article, Makeup Primers: The Scoop on Eyeshadow, Foundation, and Mascara Primers. It'll give you the scoop on what primers are worth the money, what types of primers work best and the actual products many love most.

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