Kayla Dube

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J. Everette Light Career Center


  • Certified Adobe Associate
  • Freelance video editor 
  • Videographer 


Kayla has worked a plethora of roles within the video and filmmaking field. She has done video editing, videography, and sound design for multiple indie film studios within the past 4 years. Her time working hands-on using video and sound equipment on film sets has given Kayla insight into the many different aspects of videography. 

Kayla has completed her video editing work using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. She also has experience with Adobe Audition, Photoshop, and most of the Adobe Suite. For camera work, she has utilized multiple different types of equipment including DSLRs, cinema cameras, 360 cameras, as well as stabilizers and other accessories. 

She enjoys gaming and streaming movies or music in her spare time and is a home-theater enthusiast with experience using many types of streaming and media devices.

Fun fact: Kayla's been collecting video games for more than 7 years.


In 2018 Kayla graduated from the J. Everette Light Career Center in Indianapolis, Indiana where she studied filmmaking.

She holds the following certifications:

  • Adobe Certified Associate

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