Katherine Thurston


  • Freelance writer for more than 19 years
  • Wrote about and closely followed the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live


Katherine is a former writer for ThoughtCo where she wrote about the television soap opera genre. Katherine is a fan of ABC's One Life to Live (OLTL) and has been creating content for online audiences for more than 19 years. The show ended production in 2012, but fans continue to guess on the next storyline. 

Katherine also created the official website for actor Larry Lau, whom many fans remember as OLTL's Sam Rappaport. Katherine is an expert on the ABC soap opera and interviewed by sites such as The Chicago Tribune and SongCastMusic.com. Katherine partnered with OLTL fantasy scriptwriter, Kaydee Barrnett, to bring fans inside scoops, show recaps, and commentary. During various fan events, she has had the opportunity to meet several soap stars, including many of the actors from OLTL. In addition to her work covering OLTL, she has written several short stories.


Katherine Thurston received an Associate Arts (A.A.) degree in Liberal Arts and Science from Germania Community College in 2015. 

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