Kate McKinnon - Lesbian Comedian on Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon. © NBC Universial

Kate McKinnon - A Lesbian Cast Member of Saturday Night Live:

Comedian and actress Kate McKinnon has joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, becoming the first out lesbian cast member. Kate debuted on April 7, 2012 with host Sofia Vergara. The two had a skit together with McKinnon playing Penelope Cruz in a Pantene Pro-V hair commercial. McKinnon also played Tabatha Coffey in another skit. Keep tuning in for more of Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live.

Kate McKinnon on the Big Gay Sketch Show:

Prior to joining the cast of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon was featured on The Big Gay Sketch show on Logo. She's a brilliant character actress and one of her popular characters was Fitzwilliam a transgender British boy who doesn't understand why he can't have a vagina.

Kate McKinnon played opposite Julie Goldman and other Big Gay Sketch Show actors in numerous skits.

Kate McKinnon Web Star:

Kate McKinnon can be seen on a number of web videos and series, including Vag Magazine, a sitcom where she plays a feminist magazine editor. She had a show with Julie Goldman called Celesbian Interviews on AfterEllen where they interviewed lesbian celebrities and made fun of whole concept of "celebrity."

Kate McKinnon - Stand Up Comedian:

Kate McKinnon graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Theater and has performed stand-up comedy in New York City and was on the first Sweet cruise.

Kate's Dream Come True:

In an interview with Autostraddle in 2009, Kate McKinnon said, "My ultimate dream would be to be Lily Tomlin or to be Tracy Ullman, you know, just a character woman. A character woman who does characters where characters are needed. I would kill to be the first gay person on SNL or have a Tracy Ullman-type show.

That would be my ultimate dream." It looks like Kate's dreams are coming true.

Kate McKinnon On Coming Out:

In an interview with Cherrygrrl Kate McKinnon describes what it was like to come out in her Long Island town: "I was like 14 or 15 and it was fine. I mean obviously it was hard – like it’s hard for everyone – and confusing. And you’re alone – I was the only gay person in my high school. But I had the support of my family and that I think could make anything okay, basically. So I was very, very lucky."

Kate McKinnon and the Outcasts:

Kate says she is drawn to people who don't fit in. In an interview with Outimpact Kate said, "Whenever I go to a dog park, I’m always drawn to the one dog that’s in the corner, sad, not talking to any of the other dogs, not knowing what to do with itself. I’m fascinated by mental illness and depression and sadness and people who just cannot connect to other people, because I feel like that a lot. So those are the characters that I’m drawn to, those are the characters that I want to play."