Kate Garrabrant


Kate Garrabrant is a reviewer and book blogger with over twenty years of knowledge and experience of the romance genre. Kate, best known as "Katiebabs" is also author, KT Grant with currently 25 published books.


Kate has been reviewing books since 2000, and owns and operates Babbling about Books, and More, a book blog since 2008. Babblings has become a permanent fixture in the on-line romance genre community with over 50,000 visitors a month. Babblings has weekly book reviews, guest author posts and commentary about the publishing industry. Kate also writes as KT Grant, an author of LGBT and Straight romance since 2010.


Kate has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a concentration in Media and Video technologies.

Over ten years of experience in television and video technologies with heavy management and supervising roles.

Six years of experience in on-line promotion, marketing.

A Message from Kate Garrabrant

“Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”- Dylan Thomas


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