Kasco Golf: Company Info, Its Clubs and Where to Find Them

Kasco Golf clubs including woods and irons
A selection of golf clubs from a Kasco Golf catalog. Kasco Golf

Kasco Golf is a golf club and equipment manufacturer headquartered in Japan. Kasco's global website is located at kascogolf.com.

Kasco is a subsidiary of Japanese company Mamiya-OP. Recognize the name Mamiya? Another of its subsidiaries is the well-known golf shaft manufacturer, USTMamiya.  

Where Are Kasco Golf Clubs and Equipment Sold?

Thanks to the Internet, golfers around the world can purchase Kasco clubs and equipment. For example, Kasco sells direct to consumers.

Kasco golf clubs are sold at brick-and-mortar pro shops and retail outlets in Japan, China and many countries of Southeast Asia, as well as several countries in Europe (including the U.K., France and Germany).

Kasco does not currently have a physical presence in the United States, although it has in the past.

What Equipment Does Kasco Golf Make?

Kasco makes pretty much everything:

  • A full line of clubs: Drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters, plus some clubs targeted to women golfers;
  • Golf balls (in multiple colors, and some that come with smiley faces);
  • Accessories such as golf gloves, bags and umbrellas;
  • Golf clothing, rain and wind gear, hats, belts.

A Brief History of Kasco Golf

Kasco Golf's origins trace to gloves. Not golf gloves, but women's formal gloves. Kasco was founded in 1959 to manufacture formal gloves. It turned to athletic gloves several years later, and began making and selling golf gloves in Japan in 1964 under the Kamatari Sports Company brand.

Export of its golf gloves started in 1965, and in 1972 the brand name was changed to Kasco (an abbreviation of Kamatari Sports Company).

The company continued making gloves for other sports, too, such as bowling and baseball, but expansion of its golf offerings began in earnest in the 1980s.

Kasco's first golf bags arrived in 1980; its first golf balls in 1982.

Manufacturing of the first line of Kasco golf clubs began in 1991, and the first Kasco club arrived at retail outlets in Japan in 1992.

Kasco's first use of an alloy it dubbed "Super Hyten" in golf clubs was in 1994; the company continued tweaking and improving the alloy through the years and some Kasco clubs today still incorporate later-generation versions of Super Hyten.

Kasco also became known in the early 2000s for its utility clubs - what we'd call today hybrid clubs -  the first of which it unveiled in 1999. Kasco was one of the first companies to make a name for itself in hybrids, and the company brought it clubs to the United States for several years around that time.

In 2003, About.com Golf reviewed Kasco's K2K E-spec Utility Club, and I wrote at that time, "I hit the club off of divots, sand-filled divots, sand bunkers and from deep rough, and the club performed as advertised: high ball flight, straight ball flight, soft landing. I hit the club off a tee, and it performed even better."

Mamiya-OP acquired Kasco as a subsidiary in 2010.

How to Contact Kasco Golf

Start by visiting the global website at kascogolf.com. To send an email, click the "Contact Us" tab.

Click the "Distributors" tab to view locations, mailing addresses, phone numbers and, in some cases, websites of Kasco distributors in Asia and Europe.