Did Justin Bieber Legally Change His Race to African American?

Justin Bieber Legally Changes Race to African American
Netlore Archive: Viral post claims pop singer Justin Bieber changed his race to "African American" in a Canadian court recently.. Via Facebook

One of the tenets of celebrity pop culture is that the bigger the star, the wilder the rumor about his or her behavior. Justin Bieber is no exception. From the moment he hit it big in 2008, the young tenor-voiced singer has been the target of more tabloid and internet rumors than any celebrity in recent memory.

Grist for the Bieber Rumor Mill

Some of the rumors are relatively innocuous, like the one pairing Bieber up with Kim Kardashian. Others have been more bizarre, including several reports circulating that the Biebs was taking female hormones to curb his tough-guy tendencies.

The way most of these bogus tidbits of gossip get started is anyone’s guess, but sometimes celebrities inadvertently get the ball rolling themselves. When Bieber posted an Instagram photo of him holding a baby with the caption “My daughter,” rumors flew that he’d fathered a child out of wedlock. Apparently, no one bothered to read one line down, where he also posted, “Just kidding.”

A Change of Race

Perhaps the weirdest rumor started on the pop cultural parody site Cream BMP in 2014, was that Bieber had legally changed his race from Caucasian to African American. The site claimed the switch was made after an especially grueling concert schedule, and that Bieber had this to say to reporters as he was leaving the courtroom after signing the papers:

“I’m the richest black man under 21 and I got all this money, because my people deserve it…I was just tired of all the ‘I’m acting black comments’. Now I’m not acting black, because legally I am black…It’s like being gay. You don’t choose to be gay you’re born gay. I was born black.”

Cream BMP went on to state that Bieber, who at the time was worth $160 million, was now the richest African American under 21, with plans to join the United Negro College Fund board and donate toward the education of African American men and women.

The rumor soon caught fire on Facebook and within months it was taken as fact.

Not to say that other people haven't wanted to change their race. It’s just that Bieber isn’t one of them. If nothing else, you’d think the fact that Bieber has made racially charged comments on occasion would put the race-changing rumor to rest for good.

Rumors That Ring True

Of course, sometimes there are truths about certain celebrities that are just as bizarre as fiction. In Bieber’s case, who can forget the mop bucket incident or the time he egged his neighbor's house

Good or bad, whatever Justin Bieber does from here on out, he’ll most likely be doing it as a Caucasian Canadian male.