Love With Jupiter in Libra

Couple Embrace

Kenji Lau / Getty Images 

Jupiter's time in Libra brings back high romance, with big over-the-top shows of love. Jupiter returned to Libra on September 9th, 2016 and goes neatly through this cardinal sign to October 10th, 2017. We can see a heightened emphasis on armour and making a big deal out of it.

Is your Jupiter in Libra? Then it's your "Luckiest Year," a.k.a. the Jupiter Return. It's not always the usual kind of luck but is often subtle. It's also a boost for air sign Suns (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius) and gives a push to cardinal energies. This bodes well for prose and romantic poetry, as well as romcoms to make a come back. This is a year to pair up, in love or business. 

Duets, Duos, and Portmanteaus

Back in 1969, another Jupiter Libra time, that song Je t'aime was released and then banned in Britain for being so erotic. It's that duet that sounds like two lovers alone in their boudoir.

Serge Gainsbourg said Je t'aime was his first real love song, written first with his lover (Libra Sun) Brigitte Bardot, and later sung with his wife, Jane Birkin. It was ground-breaking at the time, though not all appreciated the continental sensuality. 

In another Jupiter Libra year of 2004, the horrid celebrity couple phenom was in full swing, with Bennifer, TomKat, and Brangelina all in the headlines. These are portmanteaus (merged words) of love that cause a lot of eye rolling. 

The Big Fat Wedding

With Jupiter in Libra, there will be grand nuptials. Susan Miller suggests she saw expansion for businesses related to weddings, from florists to catering. But they might not all be traditional. There could be some way that unions are especially memorable, and couples could again steal the spotlight in some way. Some couples might choose to renew their vows, while others may decide to leave an unsatisfying union. 

Feminine Wiles

Will we see a return to elegance in fashion? Libra is Venus ruled, and associated with fine things, like silks and satin. We could see styles that are softer and suggest, rather than reveal. Maybe bouncy, romantic curls will make a come-back. And the sophisticated updo. Less is more with Libra, for more classic looks, perhaps borrowed from the past. 

Us and Them

Libra is a sign of social conscience and idealism. And Jupiter shows us the way to grow beyond false divisions that keep us in a state of conflict. There could be breakthroughs to higher perspectives, beyond the noise and negativity we see running through social discourse today.

Look for a courageous, clear-thinker to emerge and to prove that ideas and awakened minds lead us to a bright future. We can see words that clear the air, illuminate or provoke. We can awaken to the other side of the story.  

Big Ideas 

Libra is an air sign and an initiating (cardinal) force, for ideas that have the power to make a big impact. We'll see the re-framing of things, that changes everything, and opens the way to real harmony. There could be a re-balancing of the narrative, that brings it in line with what's fair and true. This could restore faith, another promise of Jupiter. 

When Jupiter Has Been in Libra

  • The Peace Moratorium - In October of 1969, millions came to Washington to protest the Vietnam War, in the largest ever gathering of its kind. There were also candlelight vigils and protests across the country.
  • The Peacock Revolution - Through the sixties, colors and patterns went vibrant, and the ruffled shirt became popular. In 1969, the two came together for a ruffled tuxedo shirt in crazy colors like pink, orange, and green. It's also a year when the Pirate shirt, a.k.a. The Poet's shirt was big. 
  • Love Beads and Love-Ins - The hairstyle went long and straight at the end of the 1960's, a very Venusian, natural look. Hand-made "love beads" were made into necklaces and worn. Libra John Lennon staged his Bed-In for peace, and Make Love, Not War was the meme.
  • The Taylor-Burton Diamond (1969) - Richard Burton bought his love, Elizabeth Taylor, a 68-carat diamond, which was later on display at Cartier's Jewelers in New York City. 
  • Prince Charles and Diana (1981) - They were engaged in February, and married on July 23rd, in a royal wedding broadcast around the world. 
  • The Facebook Launched (2004) - With the stated goal of expanding social networks, this synced with a Jupiter in Libra year, and everybody started collecting "friends."