Jupiter in Leo or the Fifth House

The Solar System
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Jupiter is the planet of expanding into the world and new growth and a key word for those with a fire sign Jupiter is spontaneousJupiter in fire sign Leo expands spontaneously through creativity, play, and the thrill of having a big personality.

Leo is the second fire sign after Aries, and is fixed fire--this means there're stable and have no trouble sustaining attention. That gives Jupiter Leo staying power, to become good at something, and experience the full flowering of creative talents. 

Maintaining Your Individuality

If this is your Jupiter, and you've lost your mojo, a remedy is seeking what makes your heart sing, or taking a creative risk that calls out your courage. You wilt in situations where you're treated like an automaton, and are not respected for your individuality. Nothing makes you more irritable than having to conform. Being pressured to be the same as everybody else, makes you die a little inside. 

Your path to growth is to celebrate what makes you, you! Have you been conditioned to hide your light under a bushel? You might have some serious deprogramming to do, and Jupiter obliges. An angle of Jupiter is freedom, and so your story is one of shaking off what hides your particular hues, quirks, talents and perspectives.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and you shine brightest when you're able to put your unique stamp on everything you do. If you have a business, for example, you'll want everything associated with it--promotion materials, website--to reflect your true colors. You take special pride in your children or could enjoy working with wee ones in some way.

What's so special about Jupiter in the birth chart, is that if you follow its signs and serendipity, there are in-your-face rewards. It's like those in your circle have a sixth sense for what to encourage most. Allies and material needs seem to come when they're most needed.

It's Ok to Be Selfish

Everyone wants to feel special, but Jupiter Leo walks the path lit by what makes them unique--the particulars of their life story. If this is your Jupiter, being self-centered has a pay-off, when it's not taken too far.  Jupiter tends to overplay its hand, so you'll want to keep from outshining others--at least not all the time! Your showboating style is endearing, though, and it encourages others to go big too. 

Leo is a sign of exuberance, warmth of heart, and generosity. What makes yours different from other Jupiter signs is the big-hearted Leo energies in abundance. These traits are super-sized when Jupiter is in Leo and can get you through times of darkness or extreme challenge. You are also a light in the dark for others, helping them to see their unique spark when they are blind to it.

The Lion's Pack

You have a knack for encouraging others and helping them build confidence. That makes you a priceless friend, adviser, teacher or parent. You especially love to be in love and can experience several larger-than-life love affairs. 

Your nature is to experience life as an adventure, and if you're low, bring more play into your life. You're at your best when you've got parties and fun things to look forward to, like time with friends. Still, you also have a strong ambition to succeed and be a leader. You'll want life's work that fulfills that desire to do work or bring up "creative" or actual children you can be proud of.