Jupiter in Capricorn

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A Jupiter Capricorn is a traditionalist in the best sense of the word. They trust the future because they know they will actively shape it. 

This can make them seem conservative, as they like to plan out their steps very carefully. They conserve their time and talents, for what they want most in life. 

Their strength is in their faith that with hard work and patience, you can reach your goals. And they don't waste time on goals that are unrealistic or lead to flash-in-the-pan success. 

They're often found in careers that take time to build and have status in the community. When they hold to their own high standards, they excel and find Jupiter's rewards. 

A keyword for Jupiter Capricorn is mastery.

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Following Jupiter's Own Sign 

In Sagittarius, Jupiter takes leaps of faith to expand the horizons and seeks active, experiential adventures. Jupiter's move into this Cardinal Earth sign signifies the planet's 'fall' in classical astrology, which means it's an awkward fit.

Jupiter is about joy, good luck and the path to expansion. In Capricorn, Jupiter sobers up and gets serious, and growth comes from well-thought-out plans, rather than spontaneous impulses.

But Jupiter Capricorn has a quiet confidence that others sense is trustworthy. Instead of reckless leaps, she makes thoughtful steps to make dreams a concrete reality.

This transit inspires us to create a lasting legacy from our visions. It supports building enduring structures, often coming out of existing models from history or experience. Jupiter in Capricorn says 'show me the money,' before committing to a scheme. This Jupiter puts the focus on the steps leading to a successful final result. In this way, it's a transit that encourages fiscal restraint, and the pursuit of stability in proven ways.

Jupiter's element is earth in Capricorn, and there's an instinct to fortify within, as well as without. Earth sign Jupiter is a magnetizer, drawing in what it wants, and continuing to cultivate from a home base. 

Making Something of What You've Learned

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Jupiter in Capricorn stirs up the motivation to create tangible structures. It's a move to find deep roots in the earth for all the knowledge, experience and spiritual wisdom attained in Sagittarius.

This Jupiter finds faith through its mastery of the densest plane of existence -- the physical. It's a transit that lends qualities of patience, discipline, endurance, and confidence in real power to create. In Capricorn, Jupiter has a cool certainty that keeps its energies harnessed on a worthwhile goal. It's a time when big dreams can be put into form, and given the chance to slowly come to fruition.

Capricorn is the authority and teacher. Ruled by Saturn, it's a sign aware of limitations, which can lend a seriousness to its focus. The goat wants to deal in the real world, and challenge itself to climb those steep mountains of life. In Capricorn, Jupiter's generosity comes through its lessons of self-reliance. This Jupiter inspires the creation of structures that can be sustained, and make communities self-reliant. It draws on what's worked in the past to create what will work for the future.

Jupiter in Capricorn encourages us to commit to our visions, and make them real. Its heavyweight can be a grounding influence, like a big pack on the sherpa's back. It keeps us focused on each step, on the long path to completion.

Anything worthwhile takes effort, and this Jupiter wants us to experience the sweetness of that kind of success. The hard-won kind. The goat knows that with careful, determined steps, it will make it to the top of the mountain eventually.