Juan Luis Guerra - Best Songs

A Selection of Merengue and Bachata Hits from The Dominican Artist

I have selected the following Juan Luis Guerra songs to give you an overall idea of the sound that this Dominican artist has forged throughout his prolific music career. Being one of the most influential Latin music artists in history, Juan Luis Guerra has extensively shaped with his music different Tropical genres such as Merengue, Bachata and Salsa. The following tracks are some of the best songs ever produced by the Dominican icon.

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"Como Abeja Al Panal"

"Como Abeja Al Panal" is a hit song that belongs to the early repertoire of Juan Luis Guerra. This track offers a nice combination of Bachata, Bolero, and Salsa. Juan Luis Guerra recorded this with his legendary group 440.

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"Mi Bendicion"

Photo Courtesy Latin
Juan Luis Guerra - 'A Son De Guerra'. Photo Courtesy Latin

"Mi Bendicion" is one of the best tracks included in the 2010 album "A son de Guerra". The song, which is defined by the melody of a very romantic Bachata, includes beautiful lyrics. This single is a good sample to fully appreciate the poetic style that Juan Luis Guerra has consolidated throughout his career.

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"Buscando Visa Para Un Sueño"

This track is one of the most popular songs ever produced by Juan Luis Guerra. "Buscando Visa Para Un Sueño" is a single defined by a very uplifting Merengue beat. A good song to dance to but also a single whose lyrics are reflective about the desire to move away from a context where opportunities are scarce. The songs deals with the desire that many people have of getting a US visa so they can move north and dream of a better future.

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"Woman Del Callao"

Another great Merengue track, "Woman Del Callao" is one of the best Juan Luis Guerra songs to play in a Latin party. This single offers a very nice percussion and brass sections. Juan Luis Guerra added a nice touch to this song by singing it in English and Spanish.

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"El Costo De La Vida"

"El Costo De la Vida" is one of the best parodies that Juan Luis Guerra has ever written. Because of its fast Merengue beat, this single is an ideal song to dance to. However, "El Costo De La Vida" is also a reflection about the cost of living and the struggles that regular people have to deal with. In other words, this song offers a critical picture of Latin American society.

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"Bachata Rosa"

If not the most romantic tune, "Bachata Rosa" is definitely at the top of the most romantic Juan Luis Guerra songs. The melody is marked by the typical Bachata-Bolero sound that Juan Luis Guerra has established as one of his most distinctive musical features. The poetic lyrics are about expressing one's love.

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"Ojala Que Llueva"

"Ojala Que Llueva" is one of the most popular and beautiful songs ever written by Juan Luis Guerra. Besides the pleasant Merengue beat that defines the whole melody, the lyrics of this song are a poem that describes the beautiful and lively natural landscape of the Dominican Republic. I think this is one of the best pieces ever produced in Latin music.

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"Burbujas De Amor"

Just like "Bachata Rosa," this song is also at the top of the most romantic Juan Luis Guerra songs. "Burbujas De Amor," which is also defined by the Bachata-Bolero style we previously mentioned, is an essential track of the early repertoire produced by the Dominican superstar. This song is also one of the most influential tracks in the long and successful career of Juan Luis Guerra.

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"Bachata En Fukuoka"

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Juan Luis Guerra - 'Bachata En Fukuoka'. Photo Courtesy Latin

"Bachata En Fukuoka" is the biggest hit included in the album A Son De Guerra. The melody is shaped by a nice Bachata beat and the lyrics, which include some Japanese words, provide Bachata with a sort of global appeal. Musically speaking, this is one of the best Juan Luis Guerra songs. There is also a nice Salsa segment that adds a nice flavor to this song.

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"La Bilirrubina"

Another track from his early repertoire, "La Bilirrubina" is one of the most enduring Juan Luis Guerra songs. Its fast Merengue beat makes of this track another ideal song for a night of dancing. Because of its picturesque lyrics, "La Bilirubina" is one of the most peculiar love songs ever written. In a funny way, it describes the symptoms related to being in love, which includes a high level of bilirubin.