The 9 Best Songs of Juan Gabriel

A Compilation of Pop and Ranchera Hits from El Divo de Juarez

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Choosing the best songs from a Latin music legend like Juan Gabriel is no easy task. That said, this playlist is aimed at giving you an idea of the sounds that transformed this singer into one of the most popular Mexican artists of the last four decades.

Also known as "El Divo de Juárez," Juan Gabriel composed over 500 musical arrangements throughout his illustrious career, produced 19 studio albums and earned multiple Latin Grammy Awards for his work.

Unfortunately, on August 28, 2016, Gabriel suffered a fatal heart attack while at home in Santa Monica, California. Still, his music lives on in mainstream culture today. From "Asi Fue" to "Querida," re-live the wonder of some of El Divo de Juarez' greatest hits.

1. "Asi Fue"

This track is one of the most heartbreaking pop songs ever written by the Mexican artist. Although Juan Gabriel is the author of this tune, "Asi Fue" gathered a big chunk of its popularity with the version released by Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja back in 1988. A track full of intensity, "Asi Fue" features some of Juan Gabriel's best lyrics.

2. "¿Por Que Me Haces Llorar?"

Just like the previous song, "¿Por Que Me Haces Llorar?" is a song that became popular with the version recorded by the legendary Mexican artist Lucia Mendez. This beautiful song is one of the most romantic yet tragic ranchera tracks produced by Juan Gabriel — how can it not be with a title that means "Why Do You Make Me Cry?" in English.

3. "El Noa Noa"

"El Noa Noa" is one of the first big hits that Juan Gabriel was able to place in the Latin music market, whose title makes a reference to a popular nightclub in the city of Juarez where Juan Gabriel started his career. This almost homage to his start launched Gabriel into the spotlight with its simple, catchy beat that almost sounds like a country tune.

4. "Abrazame Muy Fuerte"

Although its sound is quite simple and very common among Latin ballads, the beautiful lyrics of this track provide "Abrazame Muy Fuerte" with most of its appeal, earning it a place among the most romantic of Juan Gabriel's compositions. The title translates in English to "Hug Me Very Tight," and the lyrics speak of the pain of missing his love when she's away.

5. "Te Lo Pido Por Favor"

Shaped around fantastic Mariachi arrangements, this romantic ranchera track is by far one of the most popular singles ever recorded by El Divo de Juarez. There's a nice contrast between Juan Gabriel's dramatic singing and the sophisticated melody in the background. For a different sound of this track, you can also check out the version recorded by Mexican rock band Jaguares.

6. "Dejame Vivir"

Juan Gabriel built one of his most fruitful collaborations alongside Spanish singer Rocio Durcal. Together, they released "Dejame Vivir," a song that took Latin America by storm back in 1985. This track consolidated for both artists a sound heavily defined by a catchy combination of ranchera music with pop.

7. "Hasta Que Te Conoci"

Another mega-hit produced by the popular Mexican singer, "Hasta Que Te Conoci" offers lyrics and a melody that moves from a soft introduction into a dramatic experience that highlights the heartbreaking meaning of this song. If you want a different taste of this tune, the popular rock band Mana released a great version of it on the compilation album "Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana."

8. "Amor Eterno"

This is another of those Juan Gabriel songs that became famous in the voice of a different singer. In this case, the artist is Rocio Durcal. With its lovely ranchera melody, "Amor Eterno" is probably the most beautiful song ever written by Juan Gabriel.

9. "Querida"

This is one of the most famous Latin Pop songs ever released in history. "Querida" is also Juan Gabriel's top romantic ballad and one of the favorite tracks among his fans. Besides its beautifully complex musical arrangements, this track highlights the amazing vocals and intensity of the legendary Mexican singer.