Jon Mumford

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  • Art educator with over 20 years experience teaching in South Africa (Johannesburg), Holland, and Boulder, Colorado
  • Owns and operates "The Art of Drawing Pencil Sketches" website, which hosts tutorials for learning to draw, sketch, and illustrate


Jon Mumford is a former writer for ThoughtCo who wrote articles about art education and tutorials about sketching, drawing, and wool crafting for over four years. Throughout his life, Mumford has been a critic and lover of contemporary and classical art forms and now keeps a personal blog about art, politics, and life experiences. 

Mumford spent a good deal of time in Johannesburg teaching mentally challenged students about fiber arts, drawing, sketching, hand weaving and spinning, dyeing yarns, and manufacture of woolen products, and he also set up a computer school for teaching the art of pixel manipulation. Mumford then moved to the United States where he established a painting company in Arizona before moving back to Holland for a teaching assignment.

Mumford currently teaches art tutorials online through his website "The Art of Drawing Pencil Sketches," and writes for various publications about the skills required to be a good artist.


Mumford was educated in secondary schools in Britain, Stourbridge College of Art in Worcestershire, and then under the tutelage of Andre Vesteer in Natal University (now Kwa-Zulu), who became known globally as a master of contemporary art.

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