Jodie Michalak

Jodie Michalak

Jodie Michalak is a freelance tattoo writer, beauty expert, and editor with over 2,000 published articles. She's a cosmetologist and skin care advocate who shares her knowledge and passion with a worldwide audience.

A free spirit, Jodie's been a writer since she was 10 years old and scrounged up all her pennies to get her first tattoo when she turned 18.


Jodie has contributed her knowledge and expertise to various internet publications, including LovetoKnow Tattoos and Tyra Banks' website, TypeF. Jodie is a LovetoKnow beauty expert and a former LovetoKnow Tattoos and Costumes channel editor.

She has worked as the national cosmetics examiner for and has written a weekly editorial column offering tattoo, cosmetics, hair and beauty advice. 


Jodie is a cosmetologist with many years in the cosmetic, skin care and beauty industry. She also has many years of freelance writing and editing experience. In 1986, Jodie won the Marquis Who's Who in America Young Author Award for her short story, Sly Old Cat.

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