Jobs That Are Great for Meeting New People

Getting a Job Where It’s Easy to Make Friends

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Meeting people at work is one of the easiest ways to make new friends. Having a job means you need to be somewhere at certain times where you’re often required to interact with others. This alone gives you an advantage in being more social. After all, you’ll be making small talk, eating lunch with people, and talking about work throughout your day.

While any work environment provides opportunities to make friends, some jobs are more social than others. With these jobs, you’ll be put in a position to either meet a continual stream of customers or interact with coworkers on a regular basis.

Even in a social environment, however, you’ll still need to make an effort to form a friendship. My five-week course on developing a new friendship from scratch should help. It provides weekly tips delivered right to your inbox on how to meet new people, get to know them, and become friends with them. If you can’t wait for the weekly tips, you can always read through the whole course online as well.

Teaching a Hobby or Rec Class

If you’ve got some expertise in a certain area, share it with others by teaching a class. A local rec class or non-credited adult learning opportunity will get you in front of people who want to learn more about a certain hobby or subject.

The types of people who take classes like this are open to a new opportunity and in a mindset to get to know the other people there, including the teacher. If you’re the one at the head of the class, you can set up time before each class begins for students to get to know one another. A good exercise is asking them to share something about their day or work life. Have them go around the room so the group can ask questions and interact. This also keeps you involved in the social time with the adult students.

Then, when the class is over, invite the group out for dinner so everyone can chat on a more personal level. A temporary class like this allows you to meet a new group without a long-term time commitment.

A Coffee Shop

Thanks to Starbucks, coffee shops have never been more plentiful. Coffee places great for opportunities to meet people because there are usually a variety of people coming in and out through the day. You can chat with customers and coworkers alike.

They’re also great for finding out about things that are going on in your neighborhood. People often post notices about events coming up on the bulletin boards there, and in some cases, they hold their meetings there.

The casual environment encourages conversation, which is the best way to get to know someone. If you’re looking for a radical way to meet new friends, the flexible schedule allows you to work there even if you have a full-time job already.

A Book Store

Book lovers and introverts are great friends to have. They’re often misunderstood as being “not social,” but they just interact with people a different way. Bookstores are perfect for finding passionate friends who enjoy talking about a certain subject of interest. Working there connects you with other folks who enjoy reading and intellectual pursuits.

But you can also get to know patrons that way as well. Just talking with them as they ask questions about a certain author or book will help you find out more about what’s going on in the world and your neighborhood. Working at events like author signings will help you chat with people on a different level.

Hospitality Jobs

Jobs like bartenders, restaurant workers, and wait staff usually have flexible hours and attract a variety of people who are working for a number of different goals. For some, it’s their full-time career. For others, they’re working for extra money or because they’re involved with another life goal (like college) and need the flexibility.

This type of diversity is a good environment to make friends in. You’ll naturally have opportunities for conversation with the people you work with, and as a bonus, you’ll see many different people coming through as customers as well.

The Gym

Getting a job at the gym means you’ll be in touch with others who are trying to improve their lives and health. There are a variety of jobs you can do there, many of which don’t require a background in fitness.

You’ll learn about runs, walks, and sports events in your area that you can participate in, and the busy nature of workout facilities will get you interacting with a variety of customers. Most of all, the upbeat vibe will encourage conversation with coworkers. (Here’s more about making friends at the gym.)

Retail Sales

Working in retail requires a customer service mindset and attention to detail. Stores and businesses are notoriously busy and have a wide variety of people coming in and out. This is the perfect environment to meet a few new folks.

Many retail employees bond quickly with their coworkers because the jobs can be challenging and stressful at times, especially during high-traffic events or holidays. They lean on each other, share stories, and find ways to relax and blow off steam outside of work. All of these are good for making friendships that will last.