Jen Adkins

Jen Adkins/Not Pasty. Image @ Jen Adkins

Jen has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1997. As a seasoned beauty writer, Jen is able to take her knowledge, love of skin care and passion for writing and combine them to educate readers on how to best take care of their skin. 

Her passion is sun protection and sun safety. "If you're serious about anti-aging, if you're serious about healthy skin, if you're serious about looking beautiful, the only way to achieve it is by protecting from the sun."

In 2013, Jen launched with the mission of empowering women and teens to see the ridiculousness in the idea that we should all be one shade of brown to achieve some silly idea of beauty. Beauty is far more than skin color.


Through ample amounts of training and hands-on experience, Jen has become trusted expert in the skin care industry. She has been featured as an expert in regional and national print magazines including TWIST Magazine, radio, web ​shows and online websites. Jen has direct knowledge on a vast amount of product lines as well as connections ranging from skin care line founders to dermatologists to book authors and many others.


Jen graduated cosmetology school in 1997 and holds a license to practice cosmetology in the state of Wisconsin. She has completed continuing education classes over the years, focusing specifically on skin care.

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