Janet Lynn Profile

U.S. Figure Skating Champion and Olympic Medalist

Bronze Medal Winner Janet Lynn gliding across the ice
Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

Janet Lynn was the United States National Figure Skating Champion from 1969 through 1973. She won an Olympic bronze medal in 1972. She is remembered for being both athletic and graceful. She is considered one of the best freeskaters of all time. She was one of the first women to land triple jumps in competition.

Janet Lynn Nowicki was born April 6, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois. When she decided to become serious about figure skating, she stopped using the last name "Nowicki" and went by the name "Janet Lynn."

Lynn was and is known for her strong Christian faith. Before every performance, she would close her eyes and give thanks and praise to God. She believed that God had given her the gift of skating and, in each performance, she worked to glorify God.

Lynn married Rick Salomon. She spent many years away from figure skating and is the mother of five sons.

Considered One of the Greatest Freeskaters of All Time

Lynn was coached by Slavka Kohout at the Wagon Wheel Skating Center in Rockton, Illinois. It is said that her weakness in compulsory figures was the reason she did not win gold at the Winter Olympic Games or at the World Figure Skating Championships. Eventually, the value of compulsory figures was decreased and more credit was given for freestyle. Many say that the sport of figure skating changed because of Lynn. In the early 1990s, compulsory figures were eliminated from ice skating competitions.

Competition Highlights

  • 1972 - Olympics Bronze Medalist
  • 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 - U.S. National Figure Skating Champion
  • 1972 - World Figure Skating Championships Bronze Medalist
  • 1973 - World Figure Skating Championships Silver Medalist
  • 1969 - North American Figure Skating Champion
  • 1968 - U.S. National Figure Skating Championships Bronze Medalist
  • 1968 - Olympic Competitor

Professional Career

Ice Follies offered Lynn a three-year contract for $1,455,000. She became the highest-paid female professional athlete at the time. In 1974 Lynn became the World Professional Champion. That competition was actually created by Dick Button to showcase Lynn's talents. In the early 1980s, she performed with 1976 Olympic Champion, John Curry, in the ice ballet, "The Snow Queen."


Peace and Love by Janet Lynn is a book that tells the story of Lynn's life. She spends much of the book sharing about her skating and her faith. The book was published in 1973 by Creation House Publishers.