Jamie Fitzpatrick


  • Producer of A Solitary Fire, a documentary about the National Hockey League
  • Former sportswriter and producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) 
  • Columnist for the St. John's Sunday Independent


Jamie Fitzpatrick is a former writer for LiveAbout. A freelance broadcaster and sportswriter based in Newfoundland, Canada, Jamie began his career as a sports reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. There, he served as host and producer for the radio program The Performance Hour and contributed feature stories and commentaries about sports and music. He produced A Solitary Fire, a radio documentary exploring the life of an NHL prospect. In 2011, he published a novel about ice hockey called You Could Believe in Nothing.

Jamie covered professional ice hockey for LiveAbout for eleven years. 


 Jamie holds an M.A. in journalism from Western University in Ontario, Canada.

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