Is There a Specific Lesbian Symbol?

Brighton Pride
Andy Walker/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

Is there a lesbian symbol worn or displayed by lesbians that can help you recognize another lesbian?

Well, there are a few different symbols that lesbians have used over time to indicate that they are a lesbian to other lesbians.

Rainbow Flag

Probably the most well known today is the rainbow flag, which is used by gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and the trans community. The rainbow flag is a symbol of unity while maintaining our differences.​

Inter-Connected Women Symbol

The symbol of two inter-connected women symbols has also traditionally been used to indicate lesbianism.


Labyris is a double-sided axe that the Amazons were said to use as their main weapon. Lesbians have adopted the labyris as symbol of power and independence.

Black Triangle

In Nazi Germany, gay men were forced to wear pink triangles. Although there was no specific color patch for lesbians, some believe lesbians were grouped with other "anti-socials" who wore a black triangle. Lesbians today sometimes wear black triangle buttons or jewelry as a symbol of pride and as a way to identify themselves as lesbian. The black triangle is not seen as much today as it was in the nineties.


The Greek letter Lambda (λ) has been used as a symbol of gay pride and identification since the 1970s. The Gay Activists Alliance first used the lambda as a symbol of the energy of the gay/lesbian movement.

Nautical Star

Some lesbians have a star tattooed on the inside or outside of their wrists. Some scholars say that lesbians in the 1950s tattooed the stars on their wrists as a way to recognize one another. And the symbol was easily covered with a wristwatch when necessary.