Ouija Board: Safe or Dangerous?

Heart shaped planchette on Ouija board by a candle in a dark room

 Carlos Guimaraes/EyeEm/Getty Images

Is the Ouija board dangerous? Most paranormal researchers advise against the casual use of the Ouija board, suggesting that it can be a doorway to unknown dimensions. Religious believers worry that it may result in a form of possession. Skeptics may dismiss the question, or suggest that you are either opening yourself to manipulation by other people or exaggerating the fears deep inside you.

Ouija Board Cautions From Ghost Researcher

“The board itself is not dangerous, but the form of communication that you are attempting often is," says ghost researcher Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society.
"Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on 'the lower astral plane,'" Kaczmarek believes. "These spirits are often very confused and may have died a violent or sudden death; murder, suicide, etc. Therefore, many violent, negative and potentially dangerous conditions are present to those using the board.
"Often times several spirits will attempt to come through at the same time but the real danger lies when you ask for physical proof of their existence. You might say, 'Well, if you're really a spirit, then put out this light or move that object.' What you have just done is simple, you have 'opened a doorway' and allowed them to enter into the physical world and future problems can and often do arise."

Religious Objections to the Ouija Board

People of many religious traditions advise against using the Ouija board because you are inviting voluntary possession by spirits or demons. Some Christian believers strongly object to using the Ouija board, believing it contacts demons or departed souls and is not an appropriate way to contact spiritual beings. Believers in other spiritual traditions caution that it's pure chance which sort of entity you will contact and the results may be unpleasant.

Ouija Contact With the Subconscious Mind

But what if the Ouija does not really contact spirits? What if it only accesses your own subconscious? Some believe the Ouija reflects the state of mind of the people who are using it, if only on a subconscious level. If you're frightened or nervous or even expecting something negative to happen, that's very much what you might get. On the other hand, some people using it with a completely different attitude have had incredibly positive experiences.

Ouija Board Manipulation

Ouija board sessions are often carried out with two people, and you open yourself to manipulation of the reading by the other person, consciously or unconsciously. Even if they are not purposefully choosing the answer, their own fears and hopes will often influence the result.

Precautions When Using the Ouija Board

Whether you believe the board contacts negative spirits or not, the advice might be the same. It is recommended that you follow some rules:

  • Begin by announcing that the session will only allow an experience that is positive or toward a higher good and that negative energies are not welcome.
  • Don't ask for physical signs of a spirit's presence.
  • Don't take the experience too seriously.
  • When you're done, close the board. This is an important step. When you're done with your session, slide the planchette to "GOODBYE" and remove your hands.