Is Masturbation Therapeutic?

Question: Is Masturbation Therapeutic?

Answer: Masturbation can be therapeutic. Masturbation can relieve sexual tension, and can help couples with different sex drives cope.

Additionally, for men who can't have sexual intercourse with their wives due to absence or illness, masturbation helps prevent congestion of the prostate.

Joan Price: "Realize that your solo practice not only gives you pleasure … it's important for health. Experts recommend at least one orgasm a week for both men and women for genital health and for heart health as well. Weekly orgasms keep the pelvic floor strong and the nerves firing, boost the immune system, and reduce the risk of incontinence, depression and heart disease. And men? Regular orgasms are important for prostate health."
Source: Joan Price. 10 Tips For Hot Solo Sex After 50." 12/14/2012.

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