Is Male Genital Waxing Safe?

Body Wax
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Waxing is a hair removal method often made of resins and beeswax that is made to uplift hair out from the follicle.  Results can last anywhere from two to six weeks.

First, skin is cleansed and powder is applied for the use of soft wax (also called strip wax). Oil is swiped on if hard wax (also called stripless wax) is going to be used. The wax is then applied in the direction the hair grows using an applicator. With soft wax, a strip is placed over the wax and removed in the opposite direction hair grows. For hard wax, it's allowed to harden and then removed with the fingers or a tab.

Finding a Salon

Most salons and spas have some waxing on their menu. You might find only facial waxing while others may include full body waxing as well.

When waxing started to become a very requested service, it was mainly women lining up for appointments. Now men are also loving the long-lasting benefits of waxing and are taking advantage of it on their body, including the bikini area.

Waxing for Men

Along with guys getting regular bikini waxes for clean up, they are also getting the male version of a Brazilian. These special type of bikini waxes usually (but not always) remove everything down below, including hair on their private parts. 

Waxing isn’t recommended on the genitals, but that doesn’t stop men from getting it done, or salons and spas offering it. It’s a very special type of service that isn’t readily available as men's body waxing or women's Brazilian waxing. Many salons and spas will wax men's legs, chest, and back but only offer Brazilians for females, not men. Usually, you will find Brazilians for men at salons in large cities that specialize in hair removal.

If you do find a salon or spa with a male Brazilian on the menu, don’t automatically assume the entire genital zone is included or they know exactly what they’re doing. Call and ask more questions about the service such as: What hair is going to be removed? How long has the technician been waxing? Does the technician specialize in bikini waxing? Does the tech perform a lot of men's bikini or Brazilian waxes? 

It's extremely important that the tech is skilled in waxing and removing hair from a man's bikini area. Skin can get torn off, burned, or worse. Try out the technician for just a regular bikini wax first before moving on to something that may remove hair on the genitals, like a Brazilian. You will see if you're comfortable with that person and happy with their personal skill.

Sugaring Is Another Option

Sugaring, like waxing, uplifts hair out of the follicle for weeks of smooth skin. The traditional sugaring (using a paste) is great for sensitive skin and sensitive areas like the bikini zone for a couple of reasons. First, it removes hair in the direction of growth which makes it less painful and leads to less post hair removal redness and ingrown hairs. Those are huge pluses for the delicate bikini area! Second, a real sugaring paste is used. It contains all natural ingredients, which is less likely to upset skin as wax often contains fragrance or other ingredients that can irritate skin.

Waxing Male Genitals: Don’t Try it at Home

Waxing can be hard enough to do at home for yourself. This is one place that is just out of your league. Even a professional can end up tearing or burning the skin if they’re not trained in this type of wax. But if you’re just not ready to bare it all for a tech or want to save some money, try genital shaving at home.