Is It True That Ex-Boyfriend's Always Come Back?

Getting Back Together With My Ex

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Dear Mona,

I felt like me and my ex were the exception to what seems to be the rule in gay life and love. I was 29, he was 22. There was an instant connection. The relationship budded into something so special. We were together a lot. We were such a real couple. There weren't the issues of partying and going out and being promiscuous–all the things I had feared about gay life my entire life.

He told me every second of every day how much he loved me. We had an amazing sex life and so much romance every time we were together... then BAM, out of the blue, he ended it. Well I lost it, I didn't know what to do, have been in total disbelief since last June, have lost friends and have found myself more than disappointed in whats out there.

He and I were communicating, he was texting here and there, I was emailing him...but he wouldn't see me. He said it was so awkward and painful. From what I have heard, he has been out there dating, drinking, doing all of these things he never did when were together. I saw him in a bar a few weeks after that and he once again rejected me by saying "I thought about it and I don't need to be friends with you." It was so painful. I told him that he was walking down a path in West Hollywood that would eventually crumble around him and that he should know I'd always be the guy that loved him truly.

I miss him so much. Is it really true they all come back or will I have to suffer the same fate as so many young guys knowing that I lost my love while he left his for a world of young bar hopping and messing around?