Is it Better for a Gay Guy to Be Circumcised?

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Question: Is it Better for a Gay Guy to Be Circumcised?

Circumcision is a medical procedure where the foreskin of the penis is removed. It is usually done on a baby boy shortly after birth.


Being circumcised isn't "better" or "worse," whatever your sexual orientation. Until recently, about 60% of American baby boys were circumcised at birth. Recently, however, that number has dropped significantly.

As ABC news reported, "Though estimates vary between data sources, one CDC presentation put in-hospital neonatal circumcisions (which leaves those done in the Jewish ritual circumcisions) at 32.5 percent in 2009, compared to 56 percent in 2006 and somewhere around 65 percent in the 1980s." Around the world that number is different, and in Europe and South America, for example, the number of boys who are circumcised has always been lower than it has been in the States.

Why Circumcise?

There are a few reasons people circumcise. Here are three:

  • For religious or cultural reasons.
  • A circumcised father may want his son to look like him.
  • Some people believe it is healthier or more hygienic.

Circumcision and Gay Guys

Some gay guys prefer a partner who is circumcised. Others don't. Plenty are happy either way. Really, everyone is different. There are men who find an "uncut" penis more attractive and natural and some who prefer the "cut" look.

Some guys think that an uncircumcised penis will be able to feel more pleasure, though this is pretty tough to prove!

What if You Are Unhappy with Your Circumcision Status?

Some guys who are circumcised wish they weren't. Some guys who aren't wish they were. if a guy is really unhappy about having foreskin, he can get circumcised.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a much more serious operation when it is done on a teen or adult than when it is done on a baby. The flip side is a littler harder. Guys who are circumcised and wish they weren't don't really have the same options. Though you might find websites claiming to be able to help you "re-grow" your foreskin, none of these procedures are medically sanctioned and this is really something you'd need to discuss with your doctor.

What it Comes Down to

It is important to know that both cut and uncut penises work the same way. They just look a bit different. Though it isn't any more healthy or hygienic to be circumcised, guys who aren't circumcised need to make sure to wash under their foreskin and pull it back when they pee or put on a condom. In general though, foreskin has no impact on sexual or reproductive function.

Hopefully, you are happy with your penis whatever its circumcision status!