Is Elizabeth Arden's Prevage a Must Buy or Is It All Hype?

Is Prevage a Must-Buy or Is It All Hype?

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage

Although highly touted in the media, Elizabeth Arden's Prevage has received mixed reviews among actual users. We suggest trying out samples on a small part of your skin before committing to an entire bottle. And if you do buy, keep the receipt in case you experience the nasty breakouts common to so many users.


  • Many users report fine lines and wrinkles diminished, pores shrunk
  • Highly regarded by both dermatologists and aestheticians
  • There's a 2-month return policy on the product, if you hate it, return it.
  • PrevageMD, available by prescription, has twice the idebenone and costs less


  • Many users report itchy, blistery skin. Others report developing rashes and bumps after a few weeks
  • Those with sensitive skin, beware, I suggest you do a patch test first for at least 3 days
  • At $150 per 1.7 oz. bottle, it's not cheap. That said, Amazon frequently has it on sale for half the price.
  • Must not be used around the eye area (Prevage makes a separate eye cream that blogger Chiara Ferragni swears by in Into the Gloss,.


  • Antioxidant anti-aging cream that's touted to minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Don't expect immediate results -- it takes this product up to six weeks to take effect
  • Many users report developing a severe rash after a few uses

Our Review - Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Treatment

Perhaps the most-hyped anti-aging treatment on the market today, Elizabeth Arden's Prevage has been written up dozens of times in magazines, is prescribed in its 1% form by dermatologists and is a top pick by aestheticians.

That said, reviews online have, at times, been harsh, with many users reporting breaking out in hive-like blisters. Others report itchy, reddened skin and rashes that don't improve over the course of several days.

A highly potent antioxidant, Prevage's secret ingredient is "idebenone." It can be purchased in two forms: Over-the-counter at department stores such as Sephora or Amazon and by prescription.

PrevageMD is more potent, containing 1% idebenone, compared to .5% in the over-the-counter formula.

This is a "love it" or "hate it" product. Of the 60-plus reviews on at the time of this review, one-third of the users gave the product 4 or 5 "lippies" while the other two-thirds gave the product one. There were few in-betweens. Most users report skin breakouts, though a few who experienced the rashes actually gave the product a high rating saying they would buy it again. Perhaps they loved their skin post-rash. A few users consider it a must-buy, several lambasted it as a scam and most admitted to returning the product after breaking out.

If you do try it, don't expect immediate results. According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Randal D. Haworth in InStyle Magazine (InStyle named it a "Best Buy" several years in a row), it takes about five to six weeks for fine lines and wrinkles to begin to disappear.

If you buy this product, we strongly suggest testing it out for at least three days on a small portion of your skin. Most stores accept returns up to two months after purchase, so hang onto your receipt.