Is Acupuncture The Key To Flawless Skin?

How Ancient Chinese Medicine Can Help Your Skin Today

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Have you tried acupuncture before?  Perhaps you have been intrigued by this ancient form of medicine but didn't know exactly if and how it could help your health.  Acupuncture can help treat both physical and emotional issues and diseases and additionally can help with a great many skin care issues.  If you have cleansed, exfoliated, and used every cream and serum on the market but still don't like how your skin looks then it is time to give acupuncture a try.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture hails from China and has been used there for thousands of years.  More recently the Western world has caught on to the numerous benefits this ancient practice can have on both body and soul.  Some people combine the use of acupuncture with Western medicine, while others stick to a regimen that includes regular acupuncture treatments along with drinking Chinese herbs and dietary changes recommended by their acupuncturist.

During an acupuncture treatment thin, sterile needles are inserted into very specific points in the skin. You may feel a moment of slight pain or a tingling sensation in the area around where the needle was inserted but that feeling quickly passes.  The needles are used to release a build-up of qi or energy that has stopped flowing along one of the meridians in the body.  When qi becomes gets stuck your body does not work as well as it should, you can become sick or at the very least not feel or look your best.

For most conditions, skin ones included, you need a series of treatments in order to address the issue and correct it.  

Which Skin Issues Can Acupuncture Treat?

Our skin is our largest organ and can many times reflect what is going on inside our bodies without us even realizing it.  When skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or general skin aging are treated with acupuncture the acupuncturist is looking at your body as a whole in order to treat what is going on on the surface.

 They are looking for qi imbalances to treat.  Once qi starts flowing properly skin issues can begin to clear up.

Acupuncture can help treat a wide variety of skin care issues including wrinkles, sagging, rosacea, acne (particularly adult acne), along with depuffing and brightening skin, and also can help skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  While an esthetician or a dermatologist generally concentrate on treating the outside of your skin, an acupuncturist is very concerned about the underlying issues inside your body that have lead to what you see on the outside, on your skin.  Once these issues, such as hormone imbalances for example, are addressed then your skin starts to look better since what was causing your skin problems has been taken care of.  When you bring balance your body as a whole your skin will benefit as well since all parts of our body are related to one another.

Another way acupuncture can help skin issues is by reducing stress.  Acupuncture is great at reducing stress and can help you feel relaxed and sleep better.  Once your stress is reduced your skin will look better since stress is at the root of many skin issues.  By addressing your emotional needs along with your physical ones, acupuncture packs a one two punch in treating your skin care issues as well.

 As already mentioned above, committing to using acupuncture for skin care means agreeing to multiple sessions instead of just taking a pill or slathering on a cream.  Once your skin starts to look better you may need periodic follow-up sessions in order to maintain your healthy skin.

Acupuncture For Anti-Aging

For those in the know acupuncture is quickly becoming a great way to reduce the signs of aging in the skin.  This has become known as "the acupuncture facial" and has helped many people slow down the signs of skin aging without resorting to facial injections.  For this anti-aging treatment needles are placed in different areas of the face in order to stimulate collagen production and get blood flowing to the face. This is not a quick fix solution for skin aging; you need multiple sessions in order to see significant results.

If you do not have the time or money to go for regular acupuncture sessions you can treat yourself at home with acupressure.  This involves putting light pressure on specific points on your body in order to stimulate the flow of energy or qi in those points.  Acupressure is less effective than actual acupuncture, but it can be a great complimentary treatment to do in the comfort of your own home.  You can follow the instructions here for an anti-aging acupressure regimen or read Shellie Goldstein's book Your Best Face Now for an in-depth look on how acupressure can help your skin.