Invisible Woman Profile

Sue Storm - Invisible Woman. Copyright Marvel Comics

Real name: Sue Storm

Location: New York City

First appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (1961)

Created by: Jack Kirby and Stan Lee


Invisible Woman's primary power, unsurprisingly, is the ability to turn herself and others invisible. Sue can do this at will with a simple mental command. She is also able to see others that are invisible as well.

Another one of the Invisible Woman’s powers, which didn't develop until later in the series, is the ability to create force fields. These force fields are also invisible to the naked eye but are extremely powerful. She can put the force around her or expand it to cover others as well.

Her force fields can withstand major amounts of pressure, stop bullets, energy blasts, explosions, physical attacks, and other types of damage. Her force fields take a lot out of Sue, sometimes causing physical pain and damage under extreme circumstances.

The force fields can be used in many different ways. Sue has made her force fields into different kinds constructs such as walls, stairs, ladders, platforms, and even projectiles. They last as long as she concentrates on them. At times, sue has even created a force field inside of a creature or machine, and expanded it, causing the target to rupture. With these powers, Sue Storm is a very powerful part of the Fantastic Four.

Team Affiliations

Fantastic Four

Currently Seen In

Sue Storm can be seen in the Fantastic Four, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and various other comic titles and miniseries.

Interesting Fact

Dr. Doom considers Sue Storm to be the most powerful of the Fantastic Four.


Sue Storm hasn’t always been the stalwart co-leader of the Fantastic Four. She started life happy enough, that is until her mother Mary died and grief stricken father and surgeon Franklin was sent to jail for the murder of thug and loan shark. Sue and younger brother Johnny were forced to live with their Aunt Marygay, and Sue showed signs of her motherly side in helping to take care of her brother.

Her life changed, however, when she met a young student named Reed Richards, who was a tenant of her aunt. At first Sue just admired Reed from afar, but after a time apart, the two began a romance. This relationship would be tested many times, but the two always remained with each other.

When Reed put a plan into action to send a spaceship into space, Sue demanded to go along with him and Reed’s friend, Ben Grimm. Johnny Storm also secured passage on the vessel. The ship was irradiated by cosmic rays and upon returning to earth, the group found they had super powers. Sue found she could turn invisible and took the name Invisible Girl.

At first, Sue mostly used her powers for stealthy actions: sneaking past villains, staying out of sight, and generally blending in the background. When she also developed the ability to generate force fields, she became both a defensive and offensive powerhouse. She eventually changed her name to Invisible Woman.

Reed and Sue married in a highly publicized ceremony that was attended by a who’s who of the Marvel universe. It was almost thwarted by an attack orchestrated by their nemesis Dr. Doom, but the heroes prevailed and the two were wed. They later discovered that Sue was pregnant with a child, whom she named Franklin after her father.

Her second attempts at having a child ended in sorrow, as radiation from the Negative Zone aided in leaving the child stillborn. Young son Franklin, who showed unimaginable reality altering powers early on in life, used those powers to rescue the baby and send it to an another reality where she grew up and later returned to Sue and Reed. She called herself Valeria Von Doom. When another reality-altering villain was defeated the girl was returned to her unborn state inside of Sue, and this time she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

During the huge universe altering event Civil War, Sue and Reed grew distant from each other. Sue sympathized with the rebels and Reed felt it was only logical to follow the law and enforce it. Reed did some things that helped win the war, but showed a side of him that frightened and shocked Sue, who eventually split from Reed and joined Captain America and the rebels. When the war ended and the rebels lost, Sue returned to Reed, and the two have set off from the rest of the Fantastic Four to work on their relationship.