Interview with Jensen Atwood

Jensen Atwood
Rodrigo Vaz/Getty Images

Actor Jensen Atwood was born in 1976 and he is known as a regular on the TV Series Noah's Arc and Dante's Cove. In this interview, he talks about growing up in South Central L.A., being a versatile actor, and his take on the war in Iraq.
You've really established yourself as a versatile actor appearing in Las Vegas and Dante's Cove right after Noah's Arc. What's your favorite role thus far?
Thank you. To be versatile is what I think most actors strive to be. I truly enjoy the art of acting, so it's hard to pick a favorite. But I can say I don't think I will ever find a role more challenging than the role of Wade [in Noah's Arc].
You have no problem accepting gay roles and are an avid supporter of your gay fans and friends. Some would say that is a true sign of sexual security. Unfortunately, not everyone is that secure. Why is it so difficult for those folks to be confident in who and what they are?
I think we all have questions in our lives that we either don't answer or are afraid to answer. So until you can be honest with yourself it's hard to truly be confident or secure.
Who's the one actor you have yet to co-star with, but would die to do so?
There is no one actor. I pray that I am blessed to have a career long enough to work with as many actors as possible. Some of my favorites would be John Amos, Regina King, and Johnny Depp. The list goes on and on. There are a lot of great actors that don't get the credit they deserve.
Is there a role you wouldn't play?
I wouldn't want to play the same roles that I have already played. Other than that I'm game for anything.
You grew up in South Central L.A. What was the teenage Jensen like?
The teenage Jensen moved around a lot, but the home base was always and still is, Granny's house. There's a lot of trouble to get into in L.A. so I consumed myself in sports.
You're an ex-military man. What do you think: Stay in Iraq or retreat with what little dignity we have left?
How do you retreat from somewhere that you have invested so much in?
You went from fatigues to acting and now to music. Tell us about your music projects?
Entertainment has always been a part of my life. I sang the National Anthem with my brother when we graduated from basic training. Right now I have interest from a few labels. [I'm] just trying to put the right pieces together to create the best album possible.
What's the one rumor about Jensen you wish would disappear?
Rumors don't bother me. I've heard a few and I'm just glad people are talking.
Among all of the people on your video shoots, movie and TV sets, was there one person that was so striking in looks or personality that you could hardly concentrate?
That's funny. There was a part of a scene when I worked on Their Eyes Were Watching God when I got caught up in the moment. But I think I played it off well.