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Participating in Experience, Inc.'s, "Exclusive Experience" Program

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Brandon Mefford says that he was fortunate to win Experience, Inc.'s “Exclusive Experience” to attend the all-expenses paid NBA Job Fair last year. His first reaction to winning was that his “dream job” in the sports industry could definitely become a reality. He was extremely excited when he learned of his win and felt that this opportunity really was a dream come true.

Brandon was able to get his “dream job” by winning Experience, Inc.’s, "Exclusive Experience” which gave him an opportunity to participate in the NBA/Teamwork Job Fair last year in Chicago. Brandon found the Job Fair amazing. He said it was unlike any other job fair that he had ever attended. He felt that it was extraordinary because the teams really wanted to get to know each applicant and the total job fair lasted for three full days rather than a normal couple of hours. Brandon was excited because he felt that the format of the fair really gave him the opportunity to find a position that would be the best fit for him.

Brandon applied for the position with the Phoenix Suns because of his passion for sports and his love of competition. He felt that a position as a sales consultant would give him just the experience he was looking for. Brandon says that he would not have the job he has today if it weren’t for Experience giving him the opportunity to participate in the ​NBA/Teamwork Job Fair.

Although Brandon was offered several positions with various sports teams, he felt that the Phoenix Suns was hands down the best team for him. Brandon wanted to learn from the best in the industry and wanted to gain the knowledge and experience that would help him grow in his career. Brandon praises upper management and the training programs offered by the Phoenix Suns and says that other teams and organizations come to them to find some of their best people.

Brandon relocated to Phoenix from New Jersey two weeks after his college graduation. Having no family or friends initially made the move a little difficult. Brandon spent his time keeping active by getting involved in sports and other activities after work and on weekends. Although it was a challenge for him at first, he says that he has met some fantastic people and has been able to make some great friends and establish some excellent networking contacts. Brandon recommends to others who are planning on relocating, to put themselves out there and spend time early on getting involved with activities and meeting new people.

One year later, Brandon thoroughly enjoys his job with the Phoenix Suns and likes the fact that the organization feels like a big extended family. He likes the challenge of learning new things each day as well as the camaraderie he feels among co-workers and management. Brandon’s advice for others seeking to relocate or seeking jobs in the sports industry, ​“My advice is to really find the right fit for you. You have to weigh your options. Money, city, how far from home, housing, training, the ability for career growth. You need to sit down and write pros and cons for your job. Once you see it written down, your decision should be very easy. They just need to find the right fit for themselves.”

Brandon recommends Experience’s “Exclusive Experience” to students looking for experience and believes it can definitely help to open doors to opportunities students might not get otherwise. Brandon also believes that it is up to the student to make the best of the opportunity once it is presented to them. Brandon enjoys his job immensely because it offers new challenges each day. No two days are alike and this gives him a chance to gain a variety of skills and experience that he might not get in other less challenging jobs.

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Brandon Mefford graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2007.

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