Interchangeable Handbags: Change Your Handbag Without Changing It

If you are looking to create a stylish look, that includes a stylish handbag, but don't want to worry about changing your purse each and every time, consider an interchangeable handbag. These type of handbags, that have a base bag with separate covers that can easily be slipped on and off, keep the bag (and its contents) intact while the outside can be quickly changed up. Here are some interchangeable handbags that will enable you to change the look of your handbag without actually changing it.

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Carrie Dunham

Photo: Carrie Dunham.

Carrie Dunham designs a collection of interchangeable handbags with covers that can be changed to work with whatever you are wearing. While in business school, Carrie noticed that there weren't any stylish handbags to carry her laptop and books and set out to design them. Her initial line started with reversible laptop bags, traditional laptop cases, tote bags, and camera cases. Since then, she has expanded her product line to include all of the different technology cases in addition to her sophisticated twist on the classic Bermuda bag. Her patented Dunham Clutch, handbag and satchel, like her original designs, include both function and style. Accessorizing, has never been so much fun and easy.

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Lauren Joy Handbags

Photo: Lauren Joy Handbags.

 When a purse avalanche happened in the closet of Didem Ellermeyer, she was struck with a brilliant idea for Lauren Joy Handbags. Looking at the collection of purses she had accumulated over many years, she was shocked. Some were hardly used. She loved them but never wanted the hassle of changing her purses to use them (sound familiar?).  

Ellermeyer began sketching, gathering materials, making samples, and finding manufacturers. She worked hard to put together something that would be beautiful, easy to store, hassle-free, and give you lots of options to answer all your fashion needs–all the while, saving money...and closet avalanches.

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Photo: Etsy.

 If you are looking for interchangeable handbags that are handcrafted, less mainstream and more unique, there are many artisans on Etsy who create bags that are similar to these fantastic companies. Search interchangeable handbags on Etsy and look for a vendor whose style sensibility is similar to yours.

Good style made easy

If you are a bag lover, checking out interchangeable handbags is a smart way to not always guarantee you will look stylish but that you will have the perfect bag for that perfect look.