Install Soffit Over Enclosed Eaves

The over enclosed eave installation method is normally done when there is soffit already installed and needs to be repaired or removed. If the panel is damaged, you will likely remove all the soffit before installing the new one and follow the open eave instruction. If you are installing a perforated soffit panel, and the existing soffit does not have vent openings, then the open eave shall also be followed.

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Soffit Installation

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The procedure used to install soffit over an enclosed eave is almost identical to that used for an open eave. The most important change between both methods is how the J-channel is installed. When installing J-channel at either the wall or the fascia board, nail the J-Channel every 12"-16".

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Over Enclosed: Receiving Channels

Choose the preferred method of installing soffit using a J-channel or F-channel.The procedure is almost identical to the open eave method.

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Insert the Panel

Start by inserting the soffit panel into the channel on the wall and then into the channel attached to the fascia. You might need to bend the panel a little bit to insert it into the channel. As you did in the open eave method, make sure the panel is perpendicular to the wall and nail. Nails can be installed into the nailing strip or the fascia board. When using a nailing strip, do not nail tightly, as you might want to allow movement for expansion. Repeat the process by locking and nailing the soffit panels. Make certain the panels are fully locked along their entire length. 

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How to Turn a Corner

If the soffit is to turn a corner, measure from the channel at the wall to the channel at the corner of the fascia. Cut and install the channel allowing for a 1/4 inch gap for expansion at each of the walls and fascia boards. If necessary, install nailing strips to provide backing for the lineal. Miter cut the corner soffit panels and install.

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Complete the Installation

To complete the installation, apply the utility trim and fasten the aluminum fascia cap or formed aluminum coil stock with painted trim nails.  If necessary to face nail fascia, drill holes for the trim nails to allow for expansion and to reduce denting of the aluminum. 

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The typical cost of soffit installation can vary widely. There are a couple of important factors that every contractor will need to determine when pricing the job. Installed soffit and fascias can range between $5-$11 a linear foot for vinyl and up to $20 for aluminum. It is for standard average home and does not take into consideration two-story homes. If the soffit is wider than the average one, or if there are a lot of corners, then the price might go up a couple of dollars per linear foot. Things to consider when working with your cost estimate:

  • If the new soffits and fascias are wood, they will need to be painted.
  • Be sure to consider the cost of removing and disposing of old soffits.
  • Be sure to review the conditions of the gutters in case they are going to be replaced as well.
  • Pressure treated wood or vinyl soffits can cost $2-$6 or more a linear foot; aluminum can cost $3-$15 or more a linear foot.
  • Be sure to complete an assessment and fix any moisture problem before repairing the soffit.