7 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Maternity Style

Stylishly Pregnant Bloggers

I'm a huge Pinterest addict and while I don't Instagram as much as others, I do browse a lot of accounts. When I was pregnant with my latest, I use to browse instagram for maternity style images and even posted a few of my own. There was nothing better than sharing my non-traditional maternity looks and seeing what other women were putting together. I discovered the hashtag #MaternityStyle which I use now a lot on Twitter when discussing style and beauty tips for expectant moms. While browsing the hashtag, I found that some of the most fashion forward bloggers were expecting and their style was down right impeccable. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites and their amazing Instagram accounts that you absolutely have to follow for more #MaternityStyle. 

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Oh Joy!

Joy Cho / Instagram

 Everyone knows Joy Cho of oh joy! from her amazing collaborations with Target and Land of Nod. This expectant mom of one also has a video series on how you can dress your baby bump. There really isn't anything this mom can't do. 

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Ivory Lane

Emily Jackson | Instagram

Emily Jackson is the voice and face behind the blog Ivory Lane. Filled with images of her designer filled wardrobe, pictures of her adorable daughter and her family vacations, her recent posts showcase her lovely baby bump and her amazing maternity style. 

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Mattie James | Instagram

We've shared her style tips for a growing baby bump here on About Maternity but this Atlanta style blogger has more to show on her Instagram with images of bold lip colors, fun dresses as well as quotes, you'll be busy trying to figure out how Mattie James makes it all look so easy.  

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Allen & Co

Morgan Allen | Instagram

 Morgan Allen is the Social Media Marketer for Jane.com and the blogger behind Allen And Co. where she discusses her love of beauty and style all while getting a glimpse into her life. Her Instagram shows her seemingly effortless maternity looks that you should try and copy. 

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Stacy Maresca


 Stacy Maresca is a mom and a wife who documents her everyday looks on her blog Outfitted 411. At barely 16 weeks, we get to follow Stacy and her fabulous maternity outfits that she features on her Instagram with the occasional glimpse of her beautiful little girl. Now go see how this family of 3 soon becomes 4. 

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Cara Loren

Cara Loren | Instagram

Cara Loren is the type of blogger you can't help starring at. Everything is beautiful about her, her hair, her hubby and their absolutely adorable son. They are the picture perfect family for sure. Her Instagram is filled with stunning outfit posts and glimpses into the family life of this well known style blogger. 

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Barefoot Blonde

Amber Fillerup Clark | Instagram

 Amber Fillerup Clark is the gorgeous 23 year old blonde behind the blog Barefoot Blonde. Her and her husband are expecting their son here soon.  Her recent maternity photos look like something torn out of a magazine. Don't believe me? Well, you can see this former hair stylist turned blogger's style on her blog or instagram accounts.  

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