Inspiring Quotations for Adult Students and Their Teachers

Our Collection of Quotations on Learning for Teachers and Students

Sometimes it's easier to express ourselves using another person's words. That's why quotations are so popular. We have a few collections to get your wheels turning.

Add a quotation to a congratulations note to a new student. Thank your favorite teacher with a card and a quotation. If you are the teacher, post quotations in your classroom, online or physical, to keep your students inspired. It can be stressful returning to school as an adult. Sometimes a little thing like an inspiring quotation, or maybe a funny one, is all a person needs to keep going.

Just what is it you want to say?

Be sure to check out the collections from our Guide to Quotations, Simran Khurana.

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Student Quotes, No. 1

circa 1955: Mathematical physicist Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) delivers one of his recorded lectures. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). Hulton-Archive---Getty-Images-3318683

"It's not that I'm so smart..." Who said that? Albert Einstein! When you need a little encouragement to feel smart, or someone you know does, get some advice from the smartest of them all: Albert.

There are others on this list, too. Shakespeare, for one.

It can be tough for the adult student to balance school, work, and life. Be inspired by words of wisdom from Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, and many others.

Be inspired.

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Student Quotes, No. 2

American writer, educator and advocate for the disabled Helen Keller (1880 - 1968), at a reception in New York, where she was named 'Woman of the Years' by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropists, 10th December 1954. Keller is accompanied by her secretary and companion Polly Thompson (right). A childhood illness left Keller blind, deaf and mute. (Photo by FPG/Archive Photos/Getty Images). Helen Keller - Archive Photos - Getty Images 98666848

"The highest result of education is tolerance."  Helen Keller said that. I can't think of many people more inspiring when it comes to education than Helen Keller, who became quite learned in spite of being blind, deaf, and mute. If Helen can do it, so can we.

From the famous story of the Zen master and the tea cup to advice from Aristotle and Malcolm Forbes, we have quotations to inspire students when uncertainty seeps in. This collection is for students and teachers alike.

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Teacher Quotes

Gary John Norman - Cultura - Getty Images 173805257

Inspired teachers change lives. If you're looking for inspiration, or some quotes to hang on the walls of your classroom, you'll find them in this collection of quotes for teachers.

More for teachers:

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Writing Quotes

Writing by Patagonik Works - Getty Images
Patagonik Works - Getty Images

Some days writing flows out of us, and other days it needs a little more coaxing. Whether you're the teacher or the student of writing, it's helpful to have a few quotations you can turn to for inspiration. We share five of our favorites.

You'll also find lots of writing tips in this collection: Help with Writing

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Literacy Quotes

Arthur Tilley - The Image Bank - Getty Images AB22679

From The Quotable Book Lover, edited by Ben Jacobs & Helena Hjalmarsson, comes this list of 10 quotations on literacy, showing the wide range of reasons literacy is important at every age. The collection includes quotes from Maya Angelou, Thomas Jefferson, and Holden Caulfield, from J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye."