Cheerleading Quotes

Inspirational, funny, entertaining quotes by cheerleaders

Two enthusiastic teenage girl high school cheerleading team gesturing, celebrating

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Cheerleading quotes are everywhere—cheerleaders put them on tee shirts, water bottles, banners, even on the backs of their shoes. Enjoy these funny and entertaining cheerleading quotes.

Cheer Quotes

"Without the bases the stunt wouldn't work. Remember that and always thank your bases for a good job well done!" —Britt Britt, Fallschurch, VA, USA

"Cheerleading ... not just flirts in skirts!" —Ashlee

"Cheerleading isn't easy if it was more guys would be in it." —Tucky, Brownsville, TX, USA

"Not every girl can be a cheerleader, it takes a special kind. Cheerleaders are full of life and a little bit out of their mind." —Jennifer, Tennessee, USA

"Dance like you never danced before, cheer like no one is watching, and stunt like the world is watching you because it seems like the whole world is on your hands!" —Amanda Layton, Sewell, NJ, USA

"When you think you can't push yourself any further, reach down and pull out what make you proud to be a cheerleader and show them what you're made of." —George Karadimas, Columbus, OH, USA

"You can't possibly stick the stunt if you're thinking of all the possible ways you could fall." —Addrian, Nine Mile Falls, WA USA

"When all else fails in stunting, get back up and do it again! ... Stick it" —Ashley Adlam, Frederica, DE, USA

"Cheerleading makes people think differently ... suddenly a liberty isn't just a statue in NY, pyramids aren't something you find in Egypt, and jumps are more than just a game of leap frog." —Lauren Spartanburg, SC, USA

"It's great! Good practice = good games = good cheerleading!" —Stacey Waterloo, Alabama, USA

"It is okay to bend over to get your pom pons? Remember that the football team is behind you." —Laur Laur, Slidell, Louisiana, USA

"Now I lay me down to sleep, megaphone and pom poms at my feet!" —Mo, The Sunshine State

"Think big, act big, believe big and the results will be big" —Lindsay, Commack, NY, U.S.A

"There is no I in TEAM!" —Krysten Rimes, Barnwell

"If cheerleading was any easier it would be called football." —Kim, Bristol, Maine, USA

"There's no halftime for cheerleaders!" —Monica, Lima, Ohio, USA

"It's not a question of WINNING, It's how you CHEER THE GAME." —Elizabeth, Dahlonega, GA, USA

"Scream loud to excite the crowd." —Kristine, FL, USA

"You have to really love cheerleading to keep up with the schedule!" —Karen, MA, USA

"Cheerleading is one of the most physically demanding sports. I don't know what I would do without cheerleading. It relieves stress." —Dani, OH, USA

"Cheerleading is so great and fun! It's a way to work out and make friends at the same time! I luv it!" —Allison, AR, USA

"It's tough, but stick it through." —Michelle, MN, USA

"Cheerleading is awesome!!!" —Jennifer, OH, USA

"Cheer all out, or don't cheer at all!" —Victoria, Singapore