Inner Wrist Tattoos with Meaning

Capricorn tatto
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Question: Inner Wrist Tattoos with Meaning

I would like a small symbol tattoo to place on my inner wrist. I do not want color and I would also like it to have some sort of sentimental meaning. I can't decide between a more traditional Old School design, or a script tattoo or even something trendy and fashionable. I know that I will be wearing my tattoo for a lifetime and I want to make the right decision.

What are some good ideas that I can use for inspiration for an inner wrist tattoo?

Answer: The inner wrist is the perfect spot to place a small tattoo with meaning. Not only will you see it everyday, allowing it to serve as a daily affirmation, this spot can also easily be covered up with your cuffs, jewelry or a watch if need be.

For sentimental and meaningful design ideas, look no further than your astrological sign. All twelve signs of the zodiac have their own symbol that will of course carry personal meaning. You can also use the astrological symbols of your family members, children or your significant other in lieu of a love tattoo design, To find out your symbol for tattoo inspiration, visit Astrology here.

Other unique design ideas for the inner wrist include lunar tattoos, star tattoos and also lettering. You can do a monogram tattoo which would be very neat, or you can do a small cameo with a watch in the center and make it a steampunk style tattoo.

You can get more ideas for steampunk inspiration by following this link here.

Another idea that could be small in scale would be a skeleton key or a lock. If you play cards or like to gamble, why not opt for a heart, spade or a crown tattoo? In addition to a heart tattoo that expresses love, the infinity symbol featured in the picture above is also a beautiful choice for the inner wrist, and it defines no beginning and no end.

Numbers such as children's birthdates or lucky numbers are also a unique idea that would easily fit on the inner wrist. You could also opt for a spiritual design or Hindu symbols such as the word Om. You can read more about Om tattoos by clicking this link here. Feather tattoos, birds or bird cages and even Sanskrit tattoos also make meaningful and personal design ideas for the inner wrist.

Size Matters

Remember that size matters with an inner wrist tattoos. Although you mentioned wanting the design to stay small in scale, some tattoos will not work because of this. If a tattoo requires pronounced details, you may need to opt for a different placement area. Less is more when it comes to this design spot so keep this in mind as you look for the right piece of art.

Last, consider the placement of your tattoo. Do you want it on your left or your right wrist? Some people have tattoos on both. You'll also want to determine if your design will face the world or face you. Most artists suggest that tattoos face outward and that means it will be upside down to the wearer. Bearing a tattoo in this positioning makes it easier for others to see your design and its detail.

Get Inspired

You can find more inspiration for inner wrist tattoos by looking in tattoo magazines or checking out books.

You can also visit tattoo shops and see artist portfolios and flash. Another option is to try a few temporary tattoos and get a feel of both the design and positioning. While inner wrist tattoos are easy to hide, they are also quite prominent. Keep this in mind as it may hinder employment in the future. With ample thought and consideration you'll likely find an inner wrist tattoo design that suits you perfectly.