Inline Speed Skating Coaching and Training Resources - Part 1

Tips for Skaters and Coaches Who Want to Join or Start Inline Racing Teams

Geun Seong Son of South Korea (gold medal), Gwang Ho Choi of South Korea (silver medal) and Siyuan Cong of China (bronze medal) at the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou in 2010. Richard Heathcote / Staff / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Inline speed skating is a specialized sport that has coaching and training services available at many roller rinks and sports training centers around the world. But unfortunately, there are still some locations that do not have access to enough speed skating information or skaters suitable to be role models on hand. In a few cases, roller speed skaters train on their own without the expert supervision of a good coach. Many want to become an inline racing athlete, a roller sports coach or an instructor, but sometimes there are just not enough resouces on hand to help in the development of a club, a good skating program or individual skaters.

Some organizations, like Grow Inline Speed, are developing roller speed skating at the grassroots level. The information below has been collected to help develop new clubs and assist coaches, athletes, and skating parents who want to build the sport.
Finding or Starting a New Team

Youth Development and Parent Resources

 Training tips and information can help new coaches learn rules and develop technique, while helping established coaches stay up-to-date.

Speed Techniques, Strategies, Drills and Programs

Alexander Bont's Training Tips

  • Off Skate Training Session 1 by Alexander Bont
  • Off Skate Training Session 2 by Alexander Bont
  • Off Skate Training Session 3 by Alexander Bont
  • Stretching for Speed Skating by Alexander Bont
  • Abs Like Juan by Alexander Bont

Bill Begg's Training Tips

A good visual can be worth more than 1,000 words when teaching any kind of roller sports technique. Many established teams and trainers are fortunate enough to have senior members to demonstrate good speed skating techniques. But, new teams may need to improvise until demonstration quality skaters develop. Regardless of whether you use video footage, photo samples, illustrations or diagrams, it will be easier to teach and build a grassroots program into a competitive inline racing club or team with visual aids.

Inline Racing Videos

Inline Racing Books

  • Speed on Skates: A Complete Technique, Training and Racing Guide for In-Line and Ice Skaters 404

Coaching, managing or belonging to a speed team requires more than basic skating knowledge. Strong skaters need strategic training, sports medicine and even psychological support.

MoreTips and Suggestions for New Speed Skater Development

Sports Medicine and Sports Psychology Tips

USA National Organizations

  • USA Roller Sports (USARS) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for inline speedskating
  •  National Inline Racing Association (NIRA) offers international styled short track speed skating training
  • Roller Skating Association (RSA) International is the rink operators organization

International Organizations

Remember that much more than skill and technical information is needed to be a good coach, instructor or team manager and to have a strong club. A suitable training location, access to good equipment, teamwork, communication skills and patience are all important to build speed skaters and strong racing teams.