Ingrown Hair Home Remedies

Ingrown hair home remedies can be used for the treatment for the redness, irritation and often infection that come with this annoying issue. These bumps are a challenge, to say the least, for many after removing hair especially where the hair is thick or curly. These tips will help you achieve smoother skin while saving money too.

Most of the solutions below contain some kind of exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and help the hair release our of the skin and point up, instead of growing back into the skin. Chemical exfoliators are one of the main ingredients in retail products made to help the hair release.

We have some natural alternatives to chemicals. Just be advised that natural solutions often take a bit more time to work and often need to be done regularly because of their gentle nature. Whereas, products made to fight hair growing back into the skin use strong chemicals and may be more fast-acting because of their aggressive nature.

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salt scrub for ingrown hairs
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Salt is a wonderful exfoliator and skin cleanser. It's especially beneficial for those who have oily skin and coarse hair.

Everyone has salt at home! It's widely accessible, cheap and very easy to use in helping skin push out the ingrown hair while fighting off infection. Get our recipe and find out how to use a salt mixture on your face and body to fight those nasty bumps. It's simple to make and use. More »

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sugar scrub for ingrown hairs
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Sugar scrubs are a very hot item because they gently exfoliate the skin and leave it silky smooth, exactly what we need to rid ingrown hairs. You certainly have your pick of aisles and aisles of sugar scrubs with a wide range of prices. Our recipe incorporates essential oils specifically to fight ingrown hairs. So why not make yourself one at home and save tons of money? More »

aspirin mask for ingrown hair
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Most of the popular ingrown hair products contain a derivative of aspirin because it exfoliates the skin and fights inflammation. You can make your own mask at home on the cheap. This is especially helpful when you have a large area like the face or bikini line to treat. Our recipe has step by step instructions on how to make and use this unique mask. More »

We only suggest using this on the face or body if the area isn’t inflamed or infected. It's made from the Agave plant (the same plant that brings us tequila) and gently exfoliates the skin used by itself wet or with your favorite body wash or cleanser.

We love that it's more mold resistant than a loofah it lasts a year or two. Just toss it in with your other laundry to wash it. Use it daily for one week unless your skin gets red or irritated, and then every other day to ward off ingrown.

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Sometimes the hair is already long and growing into the skin and can be physically removed from the skin. It's a good option if you just have a couple here and there and you want them out now. We tell you how to prep your skin and take care of it afterward for much better results. More »

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Dry Brushing

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Dry brushing is great for the skin and your body in many ways. It encourages blow flow and is said to be wonderful for the lymphatic system.

It also exfoliates and can physically direct hair in the correct way to grow, which is why it's wonderful for preventing ingrown hairs. You'll need a special brush made for the body, hair brushes are out- they're too rough.

It's best to dry brush your skin before your bath or shower. Start at your feet moving up using a circular motion. If you're in a rush or want to use it mostly for preventing hair growing back into the skin, then simply brush that area. 

Shower or bathe when finished. Do this before every shower or cut back to a couple times per week if it becomes too much for your skin.