Indiana Jones Costume How-To

"Why did it have to be snakes?!"

Indiana Jones Costume
Indiana Jones Costume. Getty Images

One of the hottest costumes for guys is Indiana Jones. The ladies love him, and adventure follows him. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest costumes you can put together.

  • The Hat – Take a trip to the thrift store and pick up any fabric hat that has a brim. Don’t worry if it is the wrong color. You can dye the hat in coffee for a cheap fix.
  • The Whip – Turn a jump rope into a whip. Pull off one handle of any jump rope. Spray paint the entire jump rope a dark brown color. Viola! A whip! Bet you thought that would be expensive.
  • The Shirt – Choose a beige or white button-down shirt. Button it only partway up the chest. The shirt should be tucked into the pants.
  • The Pants – Any tan or brown cargo pants will work.
  • The Boots – Pick a pair of tall, brown work boots. If you can’t find any, lots of costume shops sell brown boots.
  • The Jacket – Indiana wears a brown leather jacket, but it is also removed for plenty of scenes in the movie. If you can’t find a brown leather jacket to use, go with just the shirt instead.
  • The Face – Use a rough sponge and brown makeup to recreate that sexy stubble. Add a few streaks of ‘dirt’ around the temples, cheekbones and just under the jaw line.

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