Incubus/Demon Encounter


Chellsie is attacked in the night by a dark, shadowy entity, and she wonders what it was

July 30, 2011, Australia, Tasmania. Most people like to refer to my encounter as sleep paralysis or hypnopompic hallucinations, but I disagree. I felt completely aware of my surroundings and everything that was happening.

It was about twelve or one in the morning and my cousin was sleeping in my bed with me. She fell asleep long before I did. Unfortunately, I was having great difficulty going to sleep that night. It almost felt like I knew something bad was going to happen. So I'd say I was lying in bed for a good hour before dosing off. I'm assuming it was about two in the morning at that point.

It only felt like I'd been asleep for a short amount of time when I woke. My cousin was still asleep next to me. Disgruntled at the fact I'd woke up after what only seemed like five minutes of sleep, I went to pull the blankets off me to get a glass of water.

It was then that I realised my whole body was paralysed from head down. I could see somewhat clear as it was quite dark and I could move my head around. So because I couldn't move most of my body, I was freaking out big time. I could feel something rubbing the inside of my thighs.

My sister's room was close by, so I faced the door and yelled her name several times to help me to find that my voice was only coming out as a whisper instead. By now whatever it was, was lying on top of me and rubbing my chest area, to say in a more polite manner.

When it realised I was calling for help, it began hurting me (pinching or biting me; either way it hurt). That's when I got the feeling it was doing it to shut me up, so I did. That's when I turned my head straight and saw a black shadowy figure above me. It wasn't pure black, though; it was almost transparent. And I could see by the shape of the figure that it was male.

Once I saw it, that's when the real terror kicked in. My first thought was that it was trying to rape me. So I looked down at my left arm and hand, and with all my strength I tried successfully to clench my fist, and with that I lifted my arm up to punch and fight the figure off. As soon as I punched, my body kind of jolted and I threw my head up and sat up in bed.

My hand was still clenched and the position in which I punched it. I was so extremely scared by the whole encounter I got up and watched TV until the morning. Please note that the whole way through this experience I was trying to move parts of my body. Also, I'm not exactly sure why I didn't call out to my cousin, who was right next to me. I'm not exactly sure how long it all lasted, but I'm assuming at least five minutes. I'm sure it was a paranormal or demon entity.

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