The Incredibles PS2 Video Game Cheat Codes Guide

Run faster, have infinite super powers, and more

The whole family from The Incredibles


The Incredibles is a single-player, action-adventure video game based on Disney’s hit movie. It released in 2004 for OS X, Windows PC, GameCube, PS2, Xbox consoles, and Game Boy Advanced (and later, in 2013 for PSN). It follows the adventures of The Incredibles—a superhero family consisting of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, and Violet—as they battle against the evil Syndrome. If you're looking for some assistance in defeating the supervillain, here are some cheats that could help

This guide is specifically for the PS2 version of The Incredibles.

The Incredibles PS2 Cheat Codes

To enter a cheat, pause the game, select Secrets from the menu, then enter the cheat code at the prompt.

All codes are not available on all levels, and if you die you will need to re-enter a code.

Cheat Code Effect
RotAIDalg Enables Battle mode.
Einsteinium Enables Big Head mode.
EMode Brightness/bright colors.
YourNameInLights Credits sequence.
TheDudeAbides Deactivate all active cheat codes.
SmartBomb Destroy all nearby enemies and items.
BoaPlace Makes the game easier.
McTravis Fast running and ramming Incredi-Power.
SassMode Faster gameplay.
Kronos Findtrails and Superpunch.
AthletesFoot Leave a fire trail.
PinkSlip Health remains constant.
Dandruff Henchmen always launch death shrapnel.
Flexible Infinite Elastigirl powers.
Hi Introduction sequence.
SpringBreak Level select.
UUDDLRLRBAS Refill 25% health.
InvertTurret Reverse movement with Nomansian Island turret.
GazerBeam Shoot beams temporarily.
BWTheMovie Slow motion player.
DeEvolve Enables Small Head mode.
DiscoRules Some objects flash different colors.
Showtime Temporary infinite Incredi-Points.
DashLikes Temporary infinite Incredi-Power while playing as Dash.
bHUD Toggle the HUD.
ILIEMIAOW Unlocks all levels.