In Your Face Cheers

Are they right or wrong?

Cheerleader doing Toe Touch Jump
Tony Anderson/Getty Images

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Over the years I've received thousands of cheers and chants from cheerleaders and it still amazes me when I get one of those "in your face" or mean cheers. They just don't seem to bode well for cheerleading or cheerleaders. Cheerleaders should be role models; they should be energetic and uplifting, not mean-spirited and hateful. Do we really want to yell these sorts of things out in front of our fans, family, and friends?

Maybe you're not familiar with the kind of cheers I'm referring to, so here are a few examples:
You're down,
We're up
You really do suck
We fight,
We're right (repeat 3 times then say)
That's right, we really shut you up,
Go (your team)!

Here's another one:
Attack the quarterback
And knock him flat, right on his back

And one more:
They ain't got no alibi
They're ugly
Hey, hey they're ugly! (repeat 3 times)

There are a lot more like these and if you're a cheerleader, I'm sure you've heard most of them. Maybe I'm wrong and there's something cute and funny in seeing young women/men do these kinds of cheers. Is that what their coaches and parents think? What about the spectators are they really motivated with words like these? In a time when violence is all around us, do we really want our cheerleaders instigating more or promoting hatefulness and meanness? How do you feel about all this? Are "in your face cheers" good or bad?