Guitar Chord Library

An Illustrated Guide to Playing Guitar Chords

Man playing guitar chord
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Trying to find how to play a particular guitar chord? Check out this library of guitar chords, and click the appropriate link to see an illustration for that guitar chord. If you don't understand how to interpret the chords shown, be sure to read about how to interpret guitar chord charts.

NOTE: There are many ways to play each type of guitar chord. This chart is not comprehensive, it just provides a few of the more common ways to play each guitar chord.

A B♭ (A♯) B C D♭ (C♯) D E♭ (D♯) E F G♭ (F♯) G A♭
A5 B♭5 B5 C5 D♭5 D5 E♭5 E5 F5 G♭5 G5 A♭5
Amajor B♭major Bmajor Cmajor D♭major Dmajor E♭major Emajor Fmajor G♭major Gmajor A♭major
Asus2 B♭sus2 Bsus2 Csus2 D♭sus2 Dsus2 E♭sus2 Esus2 Fsus2 G♭sus2 Gsus2 A♭sus2
Asus4 B♭sus4 Bsus4 Csus4 D♭sus4 Dsus4 E♭sus4 Esus4 Fsus4 G♭sus4 Gsus4 A♭sus4
A6 B♭6 B6 C6 D♭6 D6 E♭6 E6 F6 G♭6 G6 A♭6
Amaj7 B♭maj7 Bmaj7 Cmaj7 D♭maj7 Dmaj7 E♭maj7 Emaj7 Fmaj7 G♭maj7 Gmaj7 A♭maj7
Amaj13 B♭maj13 Bmaj13 Cmaj13 D♭maj13 Dmaj13 E♭maj13 Emaj13 Fmaj13 G♭maj13 Gmaj13 A♭maj13
A7 B♭7 B7 C7 D♭7 D7 E♭7 E7 F7 G♭7 G7 A♭7
A9 B♭9 B9 C9 D♭9 D9 E♭9 E9 F9 G♭9 G9 A♭9
A13 B♭13 B13 C13 D♭13 D13 E♭13 E13 F13 G♭13 G13 A♭13
A7♯9 B♭7♯9 B7♯9 C7♯9 D♭7♯9 D7♯9 E♭7♯9 E7♯9 F7♯9 G♭7♯9 G7♯9 A♭7♯9
A7sus2 B♭7sus2 B7sus2 C7sus2 D♭7sus2 D7sus2 E♭7sus2 E7sus2 F7sus2 G♭7sus2 G7sus2 A♭7sus2
A7sus4 B♭7sus4 B7sus4 C7sus4 D♭7sus4 D7sus4 E♭7sus4 E7sus4 F7sus4 G♭7sus4 G7sus4 A♭7sus4
Aminor B♭minor Bminor Cminor D♭minor Dminor E♭minor Eminor Fminor G♭minor Gminor A♭minor
Amin7 B♭min7 Bmin7 Cmin7 D♭min7 Dmin7 E♭min7 Emin7 Fmin7 G♭min7 Gmin7 A♭min7
Amin9 B♭min9 Bmin9 Cmin9 D♭min9 Dmin9 E♭min9 Emin9 Fmin9 G♭min9 Gmin9 A♭min9

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