Illegal Stunt

The stunt pictured on the left is an illegal stunt for school squads that follow National Federation rules. It was a featured stunt on the About Cheerleading site a while back and is still posted under our featured stunt index.

I'm always amazed when an illegal stunt is posted and I receive very little feedback about it. I know I post a disclaimer that the stunts are for entertainment only, but if you are a coach, parent or cheerleader and you saw an illegal stunt being performed would you say something? I often wonder. If not, you should. I can't stress enough the importance of coaches, advisors and parents staying well-informed and aware of all safety guidelines and rules. Please take the time to visit the associations listed below to learn more about cheerleading safety.

Debbie Bracewell, Executive Director of the NCSSE, is the only person that mentioned this illegal stunt and she wrote this about it. “One important coaching aspect in spirit safety is to know the rules for your activity. Cheer coaches should know their state’s rules and regulations for stunting. The stunt pictured here is not legal for school squads according to National Federation guidelines. If your state mandates you should follow the National Federation spirit rules, your squad would not be allowed to build this stunt. It is gratifying to know that cheerleaders and coaches alike have seen this photo and realized that for their groups, this stunt is illegal. Coaching education should be an integral part of any cheer program and attending rules interpretation meetings helps reinforce that safety should be your first consideration when planning your stunts and pyramids.” - Thanks, Debbie!

- By Debbie Bracewell

Photo © 2005 Grandview Cheerleaders