Ice In Paradise in Santa Barbara, California USA

Ice Skating on the California Coast

JO ANN and Her Daughter Rebekah Smile With Their Cousins at Ice In Paradise 12-15-15
JO ANN and Her Daughter Rebekah Smile With Their Cousins at Ice In Paradise 12-15-15. Photo by Frank Anderson

Ice In Paradise is in Goleta, CA, quite near the beautiful and historical coastal city of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful beaches, majestic mansions and homes, Mission Santa Barbara, and the University of California Santa Barbara.

Ice In Paradise Came to Be Through Donations:

There was once an ice skating rink in Santa Barbara, but that arena closed in the 1990s.  Santa Barbara's ice hockey players and figure skaters wanted to have an ice rink again, so through donations, that dream came true.

Every donor who has given funds to Ice In Paradise is recognized at a "Donor Park" where bricks are displayed with the names of those who have given donations towards the rink.  In addition, the names of the large donations made by benefactors are displayed in the arena's lobby.

Two Ice Sheets:

There are two ice sheets at Ice in Paradise.  One is NHL size and the other is a studio rink.


Public skating goes on at Ice in Paradise seven days a week.  Learn to skate classes are offered for all levels of skaters.  In addition, there are adult and youth hockey leagues and programs, coffee club sessions for adults, skating birthday parties, and group rates.

Coaching Staff:

Ice In Paradise has a highly qualified coaching staff. The arena's skating director is Terry Tonius, who has coached figure skating in the southern California since the 1960s. 

Lots of Public Skating:

The rink offers public skating sessions every day of the week.

Ice In Paradise Is a Rink of Dreams!:

Ice In Paradise seems to be "A Rink of Dreams." The two ice sheets are inside a beautiful builiding next to soccer field and a baseball field.  The building includes locker rooms, a coffee house, a study room, a warm balcony for viewing the skaters below with table seating, and a spacious lobby.  A shopping center with numerous stores and restaurants is walking distance from the ice arena.  

Ice In Paradise - Tuesday, December 15, 2015:

I began my morning at Ice In Paradise with a personal guided tour from Terry Tonius, the rink's skating director.  I saw the impressive "Donor Park" which showed the names of all the donors who have made the rink possible.

I was especially delighted to see the brick with the name "Rehfields" on it since Jerry and Louella Rehfield were prominent coaches during my childhood of skating in southern California and the historical photograph of Louella Rehfield's 8th Figure Test is one of the most special pieces of content I have on Figure Skating.

After our tour, my best friend of nearly fifty years, Marion Ennis Curtis and her son, Paul arrived.  We skated together on the morning public session which took place in the studio rink.  (Usually morning public skating takes place on the larger NHL ice sheet, but ice maintenance was being done there during my visit.)  It was fun to do compulsory figures with Marion and her son, and a lady named Cheryl who skates regularly at Ice In Paradise and also in Oxnard, a city about an hour south of Santa Barbara.  My daughter, Rebekah, enjoyed being on the ice too.

I taught Marion and Paul the Glide Waltz, an easy and fun artistic roller skating dance that I teach new ice skaters.  The dance's steps are easy to remember and involves only forward skating.  Marion and Paul also got to stroke together in the Kilian ice dance position and the three of us skated together as a threesome while holding hands! 

More Than a Five Star Ice Skating Experience!:

I highly recommend Ice In Paradise to figure skaters, recreational ice skaters, adults, and ice hockey players of all ages and skating levels.

Happy Skating!

About Ice In Paradise:Ice In Paradise offers the following programs: