How to Maintain Humidity in Your Cigar Humidor

Maintaining the Proper Humidity Level Inside Your Humidor

Humidor with great design

Cigars should be stored in an atmosphere similar to that in which the tobacco was grown: at room temperature (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit) with a humidity level of 68 to 72 percent. Humidors are specially designed boxes intended to keep cigars at an ideal temperature and humidity. Humidors must include a humidifying device; otherwise, they are simply cigar boxes.

Even with a humidor, though, it can be difficult to maintain a constant level of humidity inside the box, especially when seasons change. The humidity level inside your house, as well as other conditions, will affect the performance and operation of your humidor's humidification system.

Factors Affecting Humidity Levels In a Humidor

The varied use of air conditioners, heaters, and open windows can drastically change the level of humidity inside a house in a short period of time, making it harder (or easier) to maintain the optimal level of humidity inside a humidor. In addition, other factors such as air circulation and exposure to direct sunlight can also lower humidity levels. Try not to place your humidor near vents, fans, or windows. In the winter, the sun is lower in the sky than in summer, and can actually shine further into your house than in the summer (when the sun is overhead). 

To determine if your humidor is working correctly, you can use a hygrometer: a device that measures humidity. You can also, however, just keep an eye on the condition of your cigars to be sure they are properly maintained. Cigars should exude just a little bit of oil when they are in good condition. If they are too dry, they become cracked; if they are too humid, they will begin to mold.

Use of Supplemental Humidification Devices

All humidors contain humidification devices. Some are very simple: really just a bottle or spongy material that is kept wet and clean. A good humidor with an appropriate humidification device that is properly maintained is likely to work well for you most of the time.

When humidity levels inside your house begin to fall, you will probably have to add distilled water and/or humidifying solution to your humidification device more often. If the device is kept full, but you still have problems with low humidity, then you should add a supplemental humidification device to your humidor. One such option is the DryMistat by Cigar Savor.

The DryMistat is a plastic tube about the size of a cigar, which is filled with gelatin-like beads that absorb water. There are two lines marked on the tube. Just fill the tube to the top line with water, and put in your humidor. When the level of the beads drops to the second line, then add more water up to the top line. If needed, you can use more than one tube in your humidor. This device can be used on its own as a humidifying device and is ideal for travel.

There are many other humidifying devices on the market as well. Check reviews, and avoid spending a lot of money on a supplemental device; many good options cost less than $20.