Hugo Rivera


  • An internationally known best-selling fitness author of more than 10 books on bodybuilding, weight loss, and fitness
  • Co-owner of HR Fitness
  • A top contender and winner in competitive bodybuilding


Hugo Rivera is a former writer for ThoughtCo, specializing in writing about bodybuilding for more than six years. Hugo is a published author, entrepreneur and digital marketing professional. He co-owns HR Fitness in Brandon, Florida and co-created the Body Re-Engineering Program, a workout, and fitness training method. Hugo is a top-level competitive national bodybuilder who has more than 18 years of training experience. He is the recipient of Florida Statewide Natural Bodybuilding Title, Mr. Typhoon Bay and a 4th Place finisher at the Nationwide National Physique Committee (NPC) Team Universe.

He dedicates his writing to helping others achieve the body of their dreams by following a safe and healthy program. Hugh has written or co-written more than 10 books on bodybuilding. His books include The Weight Training Diary (Wiley, 2010) and The Hardgainer's Body Building Handbook: Workouts, Nutrition, and Results (Hatherleigh Press, 2005).

Seen as a fitness and bodybuilding expert, many newspapers, radio shows, and other media outlets interview Hugo. He has worked with multiple industry experts and co-wrote fitness programs with six-time Ms. Olympia winner and fitness icon Ms. Cory Everson. He also forms part of the prestigious team of Labrada Nutrition. 


Hugo Rivera received a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Florida and certification for fitness instruction from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). 

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