How to Wear Jumpsuits for Women This Summer

Styling Tips for Jumpsuits

Woman in white jumpsuit for summer

The Blonde Collective

Jumpsuits are a statement style that instantly declare you as a fashion forward dresser. So many women admire the stylish jumpsuit from afar, though, but are nervous to wear one. We get it—this versatile, trend-worthy dressing piece is not the easiest to shop for, or to style right. But wear a jumpsuit well, and you're often the best-dressed woman in the room. So we totally think this fashion blogger favorite is worth taking a chance on! We're here to inspire you to take the leap and wear a jumpsuit this summer, with our fashion guide to how to wear a jumpsuit like a street style star. Use these tips and get inspired by these awesome fashion bloggers.

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Summer Date: The White Jumpsuit

Woman in white jumpsuit for summer
The Blonde Collective

The little black dress is a winter fashion essential—and the white jumpsuit is the perfect summer equivalent. Style an all-white jumpsuit, such as this wide leg style with a sweetheart neckline, and sexy cutout detailing—with minimal gold jewelry, for a fresh and fashionable outfit that's fantastic for wearing on summer dates. 

Fashion tip: Nude high heel sandals help to visually extend the length of your legs, and balance your figure overall, when you wear white on the bottom—especially with wider leg silhouettes. Make this your footwear go-to when you rock a white jumpsuit, or white jeans, this summer.

Image provided with the permission of Blonde Collective.

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Cute Weekend Outfit: Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit

Woman in off the shoulder denim jumpsuit for summer fashion
 Titi's Passion

We love off the shoulder styles for summer, and this denim jumpsuit for women hits all the fashion check boxes. The two-tier style is super flattering to every figure, and the wide leg cullotte style is right on trend this season. 

Fashion tip: We think this fashion blogger has hit it out of the park with her accessory story. Blue tassel earrings are trendy, pick up on the color in her jumpsuit, and draw attention up to her face. Meanwhile, a simple black clutch purse and gold sandals are understated, letting the focus remain on her signature dressing piece. 

Image provided with the permission of Titi's Passion.

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Summer Outfit: Red Jumpsuit

Woman in off the shoulder red jumpsuit
 She Said He Said

How chic is this pretty summer outfit in a red jumpsuit? The jumpsuit for women is a must-have summer dressing piece this season, and we love how this fashion blogger has styled a pretty, red, off the shoulder style. A printed dark floral clutch adds drama and visual interest to the one-color jumpsuit, with strappy platform sandals also helping to dress it up. You could easily wear this outfit for so many occasions this summer, from garden and pool parties, or out for cocktails and dinner.

Fashion tip: When your outfit is this feminine, adding menswear-inspired accessories is pure fashion genius. We love how this fashion blogger has added a chunky gold watch to this pretty outfit, for balance and a touch of surprise.

Image provided with the permission of She Said He Said.

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Wear It to Work: Velvet Jumpsuit

Woman wearing blazer and jumpsuit with fur purse
 Carrie Bradshaw Lied

How fun and chic is this awesome outfit for work? We love how this fashion blogger has styled a velvet jumpsuit—which you might think of as an evening-only wardrobe piece—to make it wearable for the office. A longline blazer in tweed adds sophistication to a plush, wide leg jumpsuit. Cinching it at the waist with a blingy, wide belt is a great way to define your figure in a wider leg jumpsuit, and add great visual interest to your look. 

Fashion tip: Play with your accessories to show off your personality, whether you're dressing for work or weekend. This blogger could have easily chosen the expected, stylish black leather tote to go with this outfit—but we love that she's used her purse as an opportunity to show off her quirky side.

Image provided with the permission of Carrie Bradshaw Lied.

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Chic Sightseeing Travel Outfit: Lace Jumpsuit

Woman wearing lace jumpsuit over t-shirt
 Kat's Fashion Fix

Will you be travelling near or far this summer, and need a cute, comfortable outfit for sightseeing days? Get inspired by this super stylish fashion blogger this summer, and layer a simple white t-shirt under your favorite sleeveless jumpsuit. Carry a denim jacket for a great top layer you can pull on when the temperature dips (or when you head into an air conditioned restaurant)—or tie it chicly around your waist, as pictured here. Trendy tassel earrings and a fabulous pair of sunglasses bring attention to your face.

Fashion tip: Comfortable shoes are a must when you're spending a day walking around a city or town. This season's super trendy sneakers are a great footwear option, and match well with jumpsuits with a straight leg or slimmer fit.

Image provided with the permission of Kat's Fashion Fix.

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Summer Daytime Outfit: Leather Jacket and Jumpsuit

Woman wearing floral print jumpsuit and leather jacket

If we had to choose only one jacket to wear for the rest of our lives, we'd trade in all other options for a perfect fitting, moto-style, black leather jacket. The moto jacket is incredibly versatile in your wardrobe, and can be worn in all seasons to add edgy chic to just about any outfit you can think of wearing, as seen here. A super feminine, floral print jumpsuit takes on an entirely different, street style fashion vibe, when you add a black leather biker jacket. 

Fashion tip: Aviator sunglasses are the perfect choice of accessory when you're wearing a leather jacket.

Image provided with the permission of Strawberries'n'Champagne.

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Summer Evening Outfit: Leather Jacket and Jumpsuit

Woman wearing tropical print jumpsuit and black leather motorcycle jacket
 Layering Constrast

A leather jacket is the perfect thing to wear for an added layer of coziness on summer evenings, when you want to hang outside even after the  temperature dips. Here, a leather jacket makes the perfect evening layer for a tropical inspired jumpsuit in white and leafy green, making it suitable for night time. We'd wear this cute evening outfit to backyard parties, for patio dinners, and movie dates.

Fashion tip:  A simple pendant necklace looks great with a V-neck jumpsuit.

Image provided with the permission of Layering Constrast.

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Summer Work Outfit: Polka Dot Jumpsuit and Red Blazer

Woman wearing polka dot jumpsuit and red blazer
 Miss Bee's Blog

Polka dots are a huge fashion trend this season—but this pattern can be a bit challenging to wear. So how you style polka dot fashion pieces to look modern and stylish, instead of retro or little-girlish? We think this fashion blogger has hit the nail on the head, with this awesome white, red, and black outfit that's chic enough to wear to the office this summer, but cute and fun enough to wear out for cocktails after work. Start with a super trendy black and white polka dot jumpsuit, then add a blazer, ankle boots, and accessories in cherry red. 

Fashion tip: When your outfit is this bold, you'll look great with a bolder makeup look, too—but avoid the cliche red lip. A nude lip with teal eye shadow is so much more unexpected, and fashion forward.

Image provided with the permission of Miss Bee's Blog.

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Summer Weekend Outfit: Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Woman wearing polka dot jumpsuit
The Atlantic/Pacific

Here's another way to wear a polka dot jumpsuit this summer, that works for all ages. A long sleeved polka dot jumpsuit that's belted at the waist, looks adorable for weekend days, and can take you everywhere from brunch with girlfriends, to a day of visiting museums and art galleries, or shopping at the antiques market. 

Fashion tip: Try adding straw and wicker accessories to your outfits this summer, to bring in a natural, seasonal vibe. Here, a wide brimmed straw hat and a wicker purse take this fashion blogger outfit from simple to chic.

Image provided with the permission of The Atlantic/Pacific.