How to Wax Hair

Here's how to wax hair from various zones of your face and body. While the wax on, wax off process is generally the same, every area should be approached a bit differently. More than the basics, each article gives you tips, precautions and wax recommendations for the specific place you’re getting rid of hair.

We love that this gooey product can uplift hair right out of the follicle keeping skin hair-free for weeks at a time. Any time you uplift hair out, it can damage the follicle over time if done frequently. This can make some hair stop growing or come back finer or lighter.

Shape In Beautiful Brows

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It’s so much quicker than tweezing because it can take many hairs at a time. Learn why heated wax works best (as opposed to strips), how to curb the pain and work the product to get even results.
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Have a Fuzz Free Face

The delicate facial area loves a certain wax that doesn’t leave skin as red or inflamed. Read what wax to use, how to avoid pain and when you should steer clear of waxing for hair removal on your face.
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Nix the Lady Stache

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If you’re a woman, we never recommend taking a razor to your face unless it's an emergency or you're going through laser or electrolysis treatments. Shaving creates sharp ends, making the hair appear thicker. We show you how to work in sections and avoid unnecessary redness by using the right products.
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Get Rid of That Hair on Your Chinny, Chin Chin

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Chin hair seems to become most women's worst nightmare as they say goodbye to their youth. It ends up being a constant battle to keep it hair-free.

While soft wax is somewhat easy to use, often hard wax is better for this zone because it's great for coarse chin hair and can uplift shorter hair than soft.

How to Get a Bare, No Hair Belly

how to wax stomach
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 If you're new to waxing, tummy hair is a good place to start for women. Often it's not ultra thick, but mostly sparse and can be an easy area to tackle. This is one area that pre-made strips may work their magic in minutes. 

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Get a Smooth Chest for Weeks at a Time

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Hitting the beach? Wax will last you much longer than whipping out a razor. Here's what you need to know about working in sections, numbing the skin if you're afraid of pain and what body care products can conflict with waxing.

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Acheive a Smooth and Hairless Bikini Line

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Most pros use hard wax for this zone which doesn’t require a strip and works great on coarse hair by shrink wrapping it. It's applied and removed a bit differently than its soft cousin, strip wax. Learn how to use stripless, or hard wax, correctly and get silky smooth for weeks.
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Wax Legs Like the Pros

  • With a professional full leg wax costing up to $100, the do-it-yourself version can save you a lot. Learn how to prep skin, apply wax and remove it to get salon style results at home.

Best Waxing Kits for Home

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Having everything you need in a kit makes it a one purchase go. We cover our top picks depending on where you're getting rid of hair, your budget, your skin's sensitivity and how much you're going to wax.

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